We Spoke To The Vamps Fans To Find Out Just Why They Love Them

Since their formation in 2012, The Vamps have become one of the most well-loved bands of the 21st century. Performing shows in everywhere from Ireland to India has led to quartet to gain an army of dedicated fans with the love reciprocated regularly from band to fans. 2016 has seen the band’s biggest year to date with their Wake Up World Tour going global, their autobiography is due to be released next month and they’ve even tried their hands at Bollywood songs.

But The Vamps aren’t just also about the music, their love for their fans is a huge part of what makes them so special. Whether it’s regular live stream interactions, speaking out about issues which fans may be facing to provide them support or just making TV and radio appearances on a monthly basis giving fans the chance to meet their favourite band. Having successfully brought fans from all over the world together into one unified fanbase, we have to agree that The Vamps guys are some of the nicest around!

We had a chat with some The Vamps fans from across the globe to find out just what they love about The Vamps and here’s what they had to say….

“What I like about them is that they are so down-to-earth and outgoing. It’s like they are our friends, they always interact with us and it’s such an amazing thing I think. They are incredibly sweet, kind and thoughtful and I’m so proud to see them develop and be able to follow their adventures.  I couldn’t ask for better ‘idols’.” – Juliet (@gagaofvamps)

“I love The Vamps because they are so unique and so cheerful with their fans. Their music is like a medicine for me, when I’m sad, I just put on their music and I’m happy. I’m very glad to be in the minority of the Vamily, because I’m a boy and the Vampion are always in the back compared to the Vampette, in this way, we can show to people that you can be fan of a band even if you’re a boy, because if you’re a fan it’s because you love them for their personalities, their styles, their music everything. I love The Vamps because they make me smile every day and thanks to them I am happy everyday!” – Billy (@Iambillyball)

“I love The Vamps because they adore their fans and 100% commit to creating amazing music and putting on incredible shows <3” – Steph (@enchantedsteph)

“There are so many reasons, but I think that it’s because they’re such a genuine band, also they seem like easy people, which makes their music kind of relaxing; sometimes you don’t want to listen to very serious and deep songs and when I listen to The Vamps’ songs, I just feel like living my life, loving my life and having fun, jamming and dancing around. Songs don’t have to be deep all the time I think that’s a good definition of why I love in The Vamps (let’s not count how many times I cried over Another World)” – Emma (@Hurricxnebws)

“They aren’t only a band to me, they are much more. They are inspirations to me and millions of people all over the world, they have inspired me to go further with my music. They are the best cure for sadness and they have brought me close to people I would never have otherwise talked to. I have gained a lot of confidence over the past few months because of picking up their first album and falling in love with it again. Their fans aren’t just fans, we are a family (well, Vamily) and we are supportive, loyal and protective of the boys. They always care for their fans, support us and make us smile.” – Elin (@3linn)

“Why I really like The Vamps? Because I think they’re normal guys who just want to live their own dreams. They are natural and they often take time for their fans. They are all very talented, and we can see they’re very passionate when they perform! I love The Vamps because they’re normal guys with a big dream.” – Manon (@LikeAVampette)

“I love The Vamps because they taught me valuable lessons I need in life without even knowing they did. James taught me how other people’s view on me doesn’t matter, I should only focus on how I feel about myself. Brad taught me how important family is and how I should value them. Tris taught me how I should just be myself, everyone is a little crazy sometimes and Connor taught me how to use my abilities to the best and do what I love to do. Without these boys I’d be lost, that’s why I love them.” – Chazza (@polarizemcvey)

“I always loved listening to music, it cheers me up, it makes everything so much easier ! But since I went to high school, I lost my self-confidence, I was very disappointed with a lot of things, on my own, I was so sad but I tried to pretend it’s okay… One day in April 2014 on YouTube, I found The Vamps, I first listened to Wild Heart, something was happening inside of me, and then to Can We Dance, this is when I understood that they would bring me something very special! Thanks to The Vamps, I’ve learned to chase my dreams and make them come true, to be proud of who I am, they gave me back my self-confidence and even if I still have to face some problems, I’m way stronger than before! I’ve also met a lot of friends who share this love for The Vamps as much as I do! Can We Dance is my strength and I owe everything to The Vamps, 4 talented young men who have the ability to gather people with their music and make them smile.” – Solene (@Imcalledsolene)

“This is gonna be cliché but it’s the truth. I started to watch them on YouTube back in 2012 and I liked their sound. Then I just started to accompany them. Without even realising they just changed my life. They became my little secret, my point of comfort. I’m so proud of how far they are now, and I’m so grateful for everything they did to me. I love them because that’s what they do. They don’t just do music, they save people, they care. They make you smile, cry, cheer. But mostly, they make us feel better.” – Jess (@nobodyalien)

“I love the vamps for many reasons. My biggest reason is that they are genuine people. I’ve been lucky enough to meet them several times and every time they’ve treated all fans like friends. They are always kind to people and they always look out for their fanbase. By lowering concert prices they’ve allowed many more fans to have the opportunity to see them and that shows that they care about the fans and the music more than the money in their pockets. Their music helps me every day and I don’t know what I would do without them in my life right now.” – Ellie (@bluetacbrad)

“Well, I love The Vamps because just as the fans love them, they love us the same way giving back all the affection and love .Another thing I love is that the media doesn`t change them in any way, they continue acting the same way when I met them a few years ago. Not to mention all the jokes they do with each other, and literally, the fans love them .But in a paragraph is just very hard to describe how important they are in some way in the life of every fan .I just I have to thank for them are these wonderful boys I am proud to be a fan of them.” – Isa (@Isa_McVey)

“They are so adorable to fans, always want to know If we are okay and if not they always make us feel good, their songs are not focused on heterosexual relationships, for example, I Found A Girl tells the story about a guy who fell in love with a lesbian girl and that is what our generation is living now. Of course, we can’t forget that they always mention us (fans) and how they love us” – Bea (@AwTradley

“There are many reasons why I love The Vamps, but mostly is because they are who they are and they never change. They are just some kids trying to live by music, which is not very easy these days and they are always trying to connect with the fans. They really do care about the fans, giving them food when they are hungry, updating on their daily lives on Facebook and always trying to answer us on Twitter. I love them because they are honest, they are real. And their talent is pure gold.” – Anna (@thrvmps

“The Vamps are amazing! they’re absolutely amazing and honestly, would do anything for their fans. They always have time to interact and meet us all. They’re the funniest boys ever and make so many people happy.” – Katie (@katiestan8

“Well, I (I guess it’s the same with the whole Indian VAMILY) love them ’cause they are kind, friendly, talented and overall wonderful human beings. I love them ’cause they work hard and put so much effort into their music that it melts my heart! I love them because of the things they do for us, be it follow sprees, Q and A’s, meet and greets, concerts, cough unplanned visit to a country cough and the list goes on and on, I mean we are just their supporters, ‘fan girls’ who are crazy bout them, but they never fail to let us know that they appreciate whatever we do! I love them because they inspire me and motivate me, I love them ’cause of their friendship, I LOVE THEM BECAUSE OF WHO THEY ARE!” – Deveshi (@Vampsindia)

“The Vamps have brought be close to some of my bestest friends and without them I would never have found them. For starters, we all play PlayStation with James. We are able to have a laugh, he messages us as he knows we will come on etc he’s just the best and I love the boys so much.” – Jade (@smileformejdm

“I love The Vamps because unlike some artists, the really engage with their fans. They constantly tweet their fans, do follow sprees as well as sending DMs to their fans. They’re so down to earth and it’s so nice to be in a community with role models who are so friendly!!” – Tommi (@wtvrtommii

“I listen to all kind of music from different bands, but I didn’t know about The Vamps until last year. I discovered them through the net and since then, The Vamps became a big part of my life, a family, with all the fandom. The first time I heard “Wild Heart”, it was like a big love declaration. The music, the lyrics, are a love shout and it’s the same for the whole album. The lyrics are attractive, touching, and well written. The melodies are a wonderful mix of pop, acoustic, and ballads. Their second album “Wake Up”, is a wonderful musical experience with electronic sound ,pop, and ballads. And here again, I’m not disappointed.

I love them because of their music because they are talented musicians and also because they are charming boys with good qualities. I admire James McVey because he’s very curious about the world. He always takes a position about the world matters. He is very protective towards us, the fans. Brad Simpson is very polite and open minded. He’s very attentive towards the fans. He seems to be an easy going person. Tristan Evans is a cool person. He is polite and he is very affectionate towards people. He always tries to put people at ease. Connor Ball is a positive person. He’s always smiling, and he is very patient with the fans. He is a sort of sunshine. And last but not least I love this band because they are generous, they care for the people around them and they care about their fans. This interaction on social medias, their patience, and their hugs with every fan they meet, touches me. Each band member is able to give you the name of different fans, which is really awesome. This band makes me dream and laugh every day. Thanks to them our fandom is a big family with fans from different countries.” – Aissa (@aishana82

“I love The Vamps because first of all, they’re doing great music! But not only that they are very talented..they also really care for their fans and we can see that every single time. That’s great to know that they care so much Also, they’re just four crazy idiots (in a very positive way) doing what they love! The love and fun they actually spread is amazing!” – Lara (@Thevamps_de)

“There are too many individual reasons about why I love The Vamps to even attempt to list! One of the main reasons I love The Vamps is because of how much effort they put into giving back to their fans! Every time I’ve met them they have been so genuinely lovely and down to earth! They appreciate every fan and do so much for us! (Because what other artists sell concert tickets for £9.50 so every fan has a chance to see them live!?!) They make us feel so close to them through social media interactions, pictures and live streams wherever they are in the world and I think that’s important in order for every fan to feel connected. I think a huge thing that they may not realise is how they bring people together! I’ve met so many lovely people just through being a fan of The Vamps and I’m so thankful for them because of that! It has been amazing to see them grow as people as well as artists over the past 3 years that I have been a fan and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!” – Megan (@x_meganlouisee)

“There’s quite a list of little things about why I love The Vamps, but perhaps the most important one is how they change the music (from them or other artists) they are playing taking it to another level. I know they put their souls when they are performing, you just have to look at them. They can transform one song into something completely different, a whole new sound, making it totally theirs. I just find this talent of theirs extraordinary and it makes me truly love them.” – Arantza (@TheVampsToSpain)

“Why I love The Vamps, is hard to think because for me they are a little bit of everything. I love them because when I watch some videos or see some pictures of they, I smile, it make my day, makes me fell happy. I love the vamps because they are so cute, they love their fans, and I know everyone is so proud of they. I can explain how much I love them, I only know that they are so special not only for me but for other million people. I send a lot of love to The Vamps, from Brazil.” – Marilia (@Myproudofvamps

“The Vamps are a truly special band and one I absolutely love. They’re four of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and interact with, from speaking out about issues their fans face to doing regular live streams to show an insight into their lives. I love how appreciative they are of all the support their fans give them as each time I’ve seen them live they’ve not failed to thank each and everyone there making an amazing atmosphere. Proving hard work really can pay off they’re excellent role models for the many adoring (and sometimes younger) fans which they have and I couldn’t be prouder to be a fan!” – Nicola (@nicolalalalar

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Written by Nicola Craig

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