Step by Step: How to execute Dorian Electra’s ‘Gentleman’ dance

To complement the release of their double single ‘Gentleman’ and ‘M’Lady’ last week, Dorian Electra has invited fans to showcase their ‘gentleman dance’ online.

The third and fourth singles released ahead of their upcoming project My Agenda, ‘Gentleman’ and ‘M’Lady’ hit streaming platforms last week accompanied by a classically quirky music video, directed by Electra and Weston Allen, which sees the shape-shifting pop disruptor embody their latest two characters.

A track penned by Electra and fellow alt-pop artist Mood Killer, alongside production by Count Baldor and Dylan Brady, ‘Gentleman’ sees futuristic clanking pop production meet medieval instrumentals in a trademark flick. Now, the single bids to be the latest online trend as fans take on the dance across social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram.

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So, you want to learn the ‘Gentleman’ dance? CelebMix is on hand to talk you through the moves.

  1. Tip your fedora

Every gentleman needs their headwear. Begin the dance by showcasing your headpiece with a bow. Whilst Electra’s ‘Gentleman’ character is fedora-sporting, the singer was quick to advise fans that: “You do not need a fedora to do the dance. We all must find the fedora within.”

2. Wave your gentle hand

Next up, it’s time to welcome your viewer to the ‘gentleman dance’ with a wave of your ‘gentle hand’. A special, and COVID-friendly form of the handshake, simply pass your hand across your body with the palm facing the sky.

3. Travel to a gentle land

The ‘Gentleman’ loves to travel, and a global pandemic won’t stop them from doing that. So take an imaginary journey and move both hands over the hills that lay in front of you.

4. Finish with a final fedora flaunt

To become the full embodiment of Dorian Electra’s ‘Gentleman’, all that remains to be done is one final showcase of your fedora – whether your headwear be physical or imaginary. For move four, simply repeat move one.


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? Gentleman – Dorian Electra

Now you’re ready to take part in the ‘Gentleman’ dance challenge. Follow in the footsteps of Electra, Mood Killer, Onyx the Fortuitous, Anthony Fantano, Chester Lockhart and more to share your interpretation online.

Are you taking part in Dorian Electra’s ‘Gentleman’ dance challenge? Looking forward to their upcoming project? Let us know @CelebMix on Twitter.

Written by Toby Bryant

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