The Summer Set Releases Stories for Monday

Stories for Monday has finally been released and it really feels like Spring has arrived for fans of The Summer Set.

In an Alt Press interview, Brian Dales stated that the band had initially broken up last September, making this “the album that almost wasn’t.” At the time, all the members of The Summer Set felt wrong about the Stories for Monday version they had then — they had chosen to take on different projects and do different things outside of the band.

But then one magical day, they were hit with some greatness — reality. “The reality is, once we stopped overthinking it, we realized everything we needed was right in front of us… [Joshua] convinced us to let go of our pride and realize that this band is definitely not done.” Dales stated that he had to “drop his ego” and that they finally “stopped giving a f*ck” about what anyone else thought of their music.

We’re definitely happy that they decided to give this album a run — fans who listened to the album on Pandora were all super pleased and psyched with the album as well.

Stephen Gomez, bassist for The Summer Set, also posted a blog post on his Tumblr talking about the momentousness of Stories for Monday. Gomez speaks about his childhood and the roots of music for the Gomez brothers. Gomez ends his post with a melancholy note, both about the band and about his childhood:

“I think that’s what you have to do sometimes, you have to take it back to how it all began. You have to take it back to when you were a kid walking through a record store on a Friday night, eyes wide, hoping that someday, the record you recorded, would be there.”

Read his full post here.

Stories for Monday is definitely one of the best things The Summer Set has put out — it’s edgy and up-beat. Following subtle 80’s tunes and songs that make you want to scream out loud. These songs are meant to embody the ups and downs and highs of life; we’re meant to want to take it all in and enjoy it.

The album has songs that definitely carry some strong messages. From not giving a damn about anyone else to not being afraid to do your own thing, the album seems to represent the journey The Summer Set has been on. But one thing we know for certain is that The Summer Set is definitely not giving a sh*t about what anyone has to say about them, they’re staying for the music.

And the ride they take us on only shows us that great music creates great messages. The Summer Set wants you to give everything, lose everything, find what makes you happy and then not give up on what you find. Stories for Monday is meant to make you want to go out, find yourself, lose yourself, and make some Stories for Monday. 

We recommend: “All My Friends,” “Change My Mind,” and “Wasted.”

We sincerely hope you enjoy this album as we much as we did. Also make sure to catch them on their Stories for Monday tour both in the US and the UK. Find the full set of dates here.

Let us know what you think about the album and which song is your favorite by tweeting us over @CelebMix.

Also, make sure to listen to and purchase Stories for Monday on Spotify and iTunes.



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