Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh and Husband Nathan West Sing Together on Track ‘Nowhere’

For Valentine’s Day, some guys get their wives flowers or chocolates, but Nathan West, the man behind East of Eli, gave his wife Chyler Leigh the most romantic gift of all – a song! Not only that, but he also asked her to sing on the track.

The song titled “Nowhere” is Leigh’s singing debut and is from East of Eli’s upcoming second album Lost Transmission. The song is a love letter to his wife, and is a reminder that two people can make it through anything, despite what challenges they may face.

Nowhere is a song about how true love knows no boundaries. I invited Chyler to be featured on the track to create a haunting vocal presence that would represent the idea that when you are alone and you think about your lover, they are thinking of you. Her performance is very honest and heartfelt which is exactly tone and feel I wanted to capture within the story and production. – Nathan West

Listen to “Nowhere” from East of Eli’s upcoming second album ‘Lost Transmission’ right here!

Lost Transmission is inspired by transmissions sent to outer space in hopes of connecting with other intelligent life. It is meant to symbolize the release of a new album or song. The title track “Lost Transmission,” is an anthem written for West’s son Noah who is diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.

West tells PEOPLE, “I decided ‘Lost Transmission’ really was me pouring out my heart for him, for his future, for what he can accomplish—encouraging him to be who he is and not shy away from that.”

The new album also includes other songs dedicated to all three of his children, his wife and himself, that “connect with humanity through the music,” West says.

This isn’t the first song West wrote for his wife either. Back in December, West made a post on Instagram where he revealed that his song “Crazy Beautiful” was also inspired by Leigh.

Leigh, who stars as Alex Danvers on the CW’s Supergirl, told PEOPLE that the two had acted together in the past, but never worked on a song together.

“We thought this would be a great opportunity for us to not be working together playing somebody else, but working together being ourselves.”

“We’ve poured a lot of #love into this one,” she wrote on Instagram.

East of Eli, who has performed at top venues throughout Southern California. including the House of Blues and Soho House, has been called “an artist on the rise” by American Songwriter.

East of Eli will perform select dates in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Nashville to support the release of the upcoming album. To find out more information, visit East of Eli’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and official website!

You can also read Leigh and West’s full interview with PEOPLE here, where Chyler Leigh also discussed her Supergirl character Alex Danvers.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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