Taylor Swift Donates to Charity Dance Marathon

It is no secret to anyone that aside from topping charts, garnering tons of awards and generally just slaying everyone on earth with her presence, Taylor Swift also owns a big heart for donating to Charities, Fundraisers, Fellow Struggling Musicians, and even to some of her most dedicated fans.
Following her grand gesture of donating to fellow musician Ke$ha in her time of distress, Taylor Swift has yet again shown us why she is the ultimate embodiment of kindness by donating nearly $2000 dollars to University of Connecticut’s annual HuskyTHON Charity Dance Marathon as well as making one very devoted Swiftie’s dreams come true.

The Grammy Award Winning popstar has recently donated a total amount of $1989 –a contribution she made to match the title of her Grammy Award Winning album, 1989 – to Igor Lekontsev, a fourth-semester accounting student’s donation page.

Lekontsev, who has been a fan of the International Popstar for years now and an owner of a tumblr page dedicated to Taylor Swift got more than he bargained for when the Grammy Award-winning superstar took notice of him and paid him a surprise FaceTime call last Saturday morning (February 20) to ask the HuskyTHON dancer about his involvement on the dance marathon.


photo by: @igorastapov17

“Anything can happen – never give up,” Lekontsev said regarding the unbelievable experience. “If you want to meet someone you idolize, it can happen.”

The two initially talked about the singer’s music and his huge admiration for her and her works, Lekontsev said, before Taylor Swift eventually brought up the topic of HuskyTHON, which Lekontsev believes, she heard from on the internet.

Swift told him she planned to donate during the conversation. Then, around the event’s commencement at 6 p.m. Saturday, Lekonstev received a contribution from a donor under the name Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Donates to Charity Dance Marathon 3
photo by: @HuskyTHON

“I literally had no idea about her contacting me until she did it,” Lekontsev said in an interview. “I couldn’t have prepared for this two months ago.”

Swift’s donation is just one of the innumerable contributions that will go to benefit the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center as a part of this year’s HuskyTHON event which is an annual 18-hour dance marathon held to raise money for the center.

Members of the HuskyTHON’s management has voiced out their confirmation that the sizable that added to a night of contributions they hope will break the $700,000 mark which would surpass last year’s total donation of $560,000.

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