Taylor Swift Sued over “Hater’s Gonna Hate”

Oh how the tables have turned.

Taylor Swift and especially her team are quite known for suing fans and songwriters. In early 2015, Swift sued a fan on Etsy for using her ‘This sick beat’ and ‘We never go out of style’ lyrics on her artwork. Just three weeks ago, Taylor’s team pulled a couple’s first wedding dance off the internet for the use of her song.

Early Saturday morning, TMZ reported that songwriter Jesse Braham is suing Swift for $42 million (£ 27 million). Braham released a song in 2013 titled “Haters Gone Hate” which he claims has a close resemblance to Swift’s very successful single “Shake It Off”. The 50-year old songwriter claims that there is no way Taylor could have written “Shake it Off” without his song.

His initial requests were simply to be named as a writer of the track and a picture with Swift. After being denied by Swift’s management, Braham decided that cash compensation is the way to go.

Below I have placed the links to both songs. What do you think? Should T-Swift be penalized for the lyrics?

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Written by CelebMix