Teen Titans Go! & Powerpuff Girls Crossover Episode

If you grew up watching Teen Titans or The Powerpuff Girls, you may have heard that both series are back, but in a whole new way. The new Titans series is called Teen Titans Go!, which focuses on situations the heroes deal with outside of saving the world. Both series also contain new animation styles and have also changed to adapt to the new generation of viewers.

The title of the crossover episode is called, “TTG v. PPG.” Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are travelling through different dimensions to look for Mojo Jojo. When the Powerpuff Girls explain their situation to the Titans, they aren’t taken seriously. Instead, the Titans treat the girls like babies, clearly being deceived by their cuteness.

Tara Strong, who voiced both Raven and Bubbles in the original Teen Titans and Powerpuff Girls series, still currently voices Raven in Teen Titans Go! This only adds to to the humor when Raven and Bubbles interact with one another in the crossover episode.

Cartoon Network released teaser videos leading up to the episode, where the Titans and Powerpuff Girls compete with one another.

”TTG v. PPG” will premiere on Thursday, June 30 at 6 pm on Cartoon Network.
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Written by Michele Mendez

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