Promotional image for the film "Tell Me I Love You" which sees an image on the left of the four main characters with Kaniehtiio Horn and Paulina Cerrilla in wedding dresses, Sam Clark in a suit, and Renee Morrison in white. On the right side is the actors' names and the title of the film, with the O's being turned into wedding rings.0

The Trailer To “Tell Me I Love You” Has Been Dropped And A Release Date Has Been Announced

The trailer for a new romantic comedy film about three young musicians has recently been dropped, the film is titled Tell Me I Love You and will be available on DVD and VOD from 2 June 2020. The trailer was dropped on 19 May 2020 and sure makes us excited to see the film when it is released.

The film follows a trio – Ally, Ben, and Melanie – who are making music together and have been friends since college. There’s history between Ally and Ben, whereas Melanie is bisexual and is not ready to settle down with anyone. They’ve been shopping around their song to a few record labels, and one has replied asking for a five-track demo, but they can’t afford the studio time to record it.

Melanie starts to date her new yoga instructor, Cassie, before she finds out that she will inherit a trust fund after she has married a man. At the time, Ally is visiting her family, where her high school sweetheart – who she hasn’t seen in years – proposes out of nowhere, and her family encourages her to get hitched, so she panics and says she’s already engaged. Ben hatches a plan and decides to marry Ally to help her out and to also marry Melanie so they can get the trust fund to record the demo, but life is complicated and complex, how are they going to keep this all a secret, deal with their families, and where does Cassie fit into all this?

Watch The Trailer To “Tell Me I Love You” Here:

The film has been written and directed by Fiona MacKenzie (Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Deadly Little Secrets, Cosa Bella) and stars Kaniehtiio Horn (The Trotsky, Deathwish, The Man In The High Castle, Letterkenny) as Melanie, Paulina Cerrilla (40 Hours, String Theory) as Ally, and Sam Clark (Neighbours, Grease: Live) as Ben. As for Cassie, she is played by Matthew Morrison’s wife, Renee Morrison (High School Lover). Other cast stars include Jamie Luner (Just The Ten Of Us, Melrose Place, All My Children, Savannah), Al Sapienza (The Sopranos, Jack Ryan, Person Of Interest) and former O-Town band member Ashley Parker Angel (Hairspray, Wicked), amongst many other stars.

This new film will be released on DVD and VOD on 2 June 2020, distributed by Vision Films, and this trailer sure excites us for the release. This is going to be one rom-com we don’t want to miss.

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