The Best Love Story of All Time: Larry Stylinson

Everyone in a fandom knows what ‘shipping’ means. If you don’t, have you been living under a rock?(Anyway, according to Urban Dictionary, shipping is a term ‘what refers to romantic relationships, but it can refer platonic ones also’.)

In the One Direction fandom everyone, and I mean everyone, ships the fantastic four with a bandmate, another celebrity or them who shall not be spoken about. Over half of the fandom basically ship the most biggest love story of all time: Larry Stylinson.

There’s receipts and proof flying everywhere between the mermaid haired boy and the adidas wearing Donny lad starting from the birth home of the ship to the present day with the rainbow bondage bears chilling on the stage. Let’s just start from the beginning on why these two idiots get shipped together.

The X Factor. What a fantastic time for Larries everywhere from meeting in the toilets to the koala hug at bootcamp to them videos at the bottom of the stairs. From the quotes ‘I’d marry you Harry’ to ‘now kiss me you fool’. Who wouldn’t ship these two ‘best friends’ together? They just had so much chemistry.

Let’s not forget about the magical milestone in 2011… Leeds festival. What a time. The two youngsters shared clothes, shared a tent and basically partied hard. They were basically living life to the full, not like now in the present. Didn’t they wear the festival bracelets for a while?

Another milestone in the fantastic world of Larry is the interview both of them did together. Remember that one in France? Ahh, the good old days. ‘Hot and dangerous’ and ‘funny and handsome and rugged’. Both Louis and Harry were so fond with each other. Come on, really? Then the interviewer has to mention Eleanor and the conversation went a bit awkward after that, oops.

Tweets. Larry were so in love with each other by their tweets. ‘Night baby cakes x’, ‘miss you baby cakes’, ‘ I miss you too sweetcheeks ;)’. I can’t forget everyone’s favourite Larry tweet:



I’m sure Harry thinks the same, Louis!

It wasn’t all happy families after that. Eleanor Calder came onto the scene. Louis took her on a skiing holiday, oh just like he did with Harry. Louis and Harry’s grocery shopping trip was an iconic time but then Louis and Eleanor went on a grocery shop too. You could tell a story with Louis’ eyes. You could tell he was unhappy, as James Bay said ‘best fake smile’.

Can you see the difference between Louis with Eleanor when ‘Haylor’ was occurring and Louis with his ‘best mate’ Harry when nothing was a problem?

The Best Love Story of All Time? 1


The Best Love Story of All Time? 2


Louis wasn’t just unhappy when ‘Haylor’ was occurring. He’s been unhappy this year, the same day as he ‘confirmed’ the babygate. Coincidence? I think not. Larries started to trend ‘#OhWaitItWasHarry’ with their matching tattoos with nautical theme, the rose and the dagger, both boys sharing clothing, both boys being happy with each other. That’s all what matters. Louis and Harry being happy together. People can blame Larries for ‘splitting the boys’ friendship up’, just open your eyes and see the truth. When is Louis the happiest? When he’s with Harry. Read between the lines.

Written by CelebMix