The Dionysus Effect Share Spaced out New Rock Single “Stars”

Rock n’ roll trio The Dionysus Effect have unleashed their debut single “Stars”.  The intergalactic love song is the first track from the New York based band with more music promised. 

In “Stars” The Dionysus Effect explore loss in a romantic relationship, the bittersweet feeling of knowing something you treasured is gone but understanding that at least you were able to experience the love for a period of time. Christoph Paul of the band confides, “when you look up toward the stars with faith that you’ll be with your soul mate and stay with them even when they are gone.”  The explosive song features grunge filled power chords, passionate baritone vocals and combustable drums and bass lines that enthrall and intrigue. 

The Dionysus Effect is composed of Christoph Paul (vocals, bass), Sean Quinn Hanley (guitar), and Brett Petersen (drums).  They fuse arena rock and grunge filled indie with pop melodic sensibility. The trio craft relatable releases all about addiction, love and pain that are both musically nostalgic and fresh.

Take a listen to “Stars” by The Dionysus Effect now and tweet us @celebmix your thoughts on the new music! 




Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast