The Horizon Announces The Release Date Of Season 7

It’s been a long wait; but finally, the seventh season of The Horizon will start airing on Hyvio on 7 October.

The most watched web series made this announcement firstly on their Facebook page. They later released the video onto their YouTube channel.

The fans have been waiting for this announcement since The Horizon was in jeopardy. One of their sponsors pulled out and they asked for public funding on their IndieGoGo fund page.

They started filming a few months ago whilst featured characters Wilma Bumhurt and Jake both took over The Horizon’s Facebook Live videos. They answered questions and took the viewers behind-the-scenes of the filming of the new seasons.

Clearly, Hyvio is a new sponsor for The Horizon. For those of you who don’t know what Hyvio is, it’s a hybrid Video on Demand service that enables brands, businesses and content creators to engage with users on various levels. You do not need an account to watch the content on Hyvio; but an account will allow you to follow and subscribe to channels, use the pay to view facility, join a live streaming event and make a purchase.

The seventh season will be shown on 7 October 2016; that gives you a total of 18 days for you to watch the previous six seasons. Luckily for you, The Horizon has collected the episodes into six YouTube playlists, one for each season.

Get watching, get stuck in, and get caught up in The Horizon. You’ll fly through the episodes which cover a number of topics, from HIV to drugs, this web series has it all.

The web series, created by Boaz Stark, features Patrick James as drag queen Wilma Bumhurt/Dennis; Paul Layton as Jake; Indigo Felton as AJ; Matthew Clarke as Micky Rose; Adam George as Saxon; Francis Mossman as Stevie Hughes; Sarah Louella as Millie; and Jai Rodriguez as Ritchie. Newcomer Daniel Needs will play Tyler Alexander.

The series has received ten Maverick Movie Awards nominations; the series has previous won four L.A. Webfest awards, amongst others.

The Horizon will feature at London’s Raindance Film Festival on 27 September and 30 September. The film is an adaption of the web series and will later be released on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Season seven is just around the corner. What plot twists are you expecting? What do you want to happen next? Tell us everything on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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