The Horizon Is Set To Return With Season 8 On Hyvio

Yes, Petals! The Horizon’s next series is set to start in just eight days time. On 28 July 2017, season eight of The Horizon will be shown on Hyvio. If you haven’t watched any of the other seasons, we totally recommend that you head to their YouTube Channel; all seven seasons are available to watch on YouTube.

This is the second time that The Horizon has premiered on Hyvio; the video on demand (VOD) platform previously showed season seven before the episodes were uploaded to YouTube.

In promotion of season eight, a teasing trailer was released by The Horizon. This teaser is only 29 seconds long and has already been viewed over 5,000 times.

Watch The Horizon Season 8 Trailer Here:

From this trailer, we find out a couple of things; mainly that Cobbstar Productions have come on board for this web series; as well as a ménage à trois between our favourite main characters Jake and Mickey with season seven newcomer Tyson.

With only eight days to go until season eight begins, you really need to start catching up on the number one gay digital series in the world! The Horizon has had over 50 million views and is Australia’s most successful online drama. It has also won several awards.

The series features Patrick James as Wilma Bumhurt/Dennis, Paul Layton as Jake, Indigo Felton as AJ, Matthew Clarke as Micky Rose, Adam George as Saxon, Francis Mossman as Stevie Hughes, Sarah Louella as Millie (we don’t know whether she’ll return in Season 8), Daniel Needs as Tyson, Gemma Scoble as Randy, Belinda Giblin as Yvonne, and Cooper George Koulias-Amai as Matt. The whole series is directed by Boaz Stark.

So get watching and be prepared for 28 July 2017. We sure cannot wait to tune in every week on Hyvio. There is also a film covering the first two seasons if you would prefer to watch 55 minutes instead of the full 99 minutes and 12 seconds; however, the film does differ somewhat to the original series with some scenes changed slightly. Check out our film review.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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