The Mowgli’s craft an innovative psych sound in “Weight On Me”

From playing small independent venues to prominent world renown festivals, The Mowgli’s have built their career from the ground up. With popular feel-good anthems such as “San Francisco” and “I’m Good”, they have amassed a dedicated fan base. The Mowgli’s latest single “Weight On Me” is somewhat of an evolution from their previous work possessing a more psych/rock sound and showcases vocals from two band members, Katie and Joshua. The funk-fueled track highlights vibrant vocal harmonies and dark 80’s-inspired soundscapes, creating a sonically jazzed up feel. With tripped out, colorful lo-fi visuals to match, the video and song perfectly meld modern with retro. 

The band’s journey to where they are now wasn’t an easy one. From losing some band members along the way to feeling the pressures of continuously touring, The Mowgli’s have been through it all. The current core group has formed a truly unbreakable bond and it has made their music just that much stronger. In their press release, singer Katie reveals, “Being in a touring band is hard work, but inspiring. It only works because people care about the band and we have a core who supports us, people who have both been there since the beginning and joined along the way. Those supporters keep us motivated.” With newfound hope and optimism, the band’s main goal is to inspire others and that is what they are doing with “Weight On Me”. 

During this time of uncertainty and isolation, The Mowgli’s are spreading joy by performing numerous live stream events to be able to keep interacting with their fans. So if you want to put a smile on your face, then head on over to their Instagram, where you can keep up to date with all their virtual performances. The band have also set up a phone number for their fans to keep in touch! Text them at +1 818 452 2490!

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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