The Success Story of Texas Entrepreneur, Nhut Cao

When things don’t go your way you can be guilty of feeling like giving up on your dreams. You might lose sight and forget the potential you have within you. The dreams that you hold might crumble down to pieces with the slight touch of failure. But it is important to remember, especially during such feelings of hopelessness, that some of the most successful stories started out as complete failures. 

No one gets to touch and feel success without hardships. Not unless you are unimaginably lucky. Nhut Cao is a 7 figure Amazon and Shopify seller whose success story is worth knowing. 

He is one of the few lucky Vietnamese immigrants who is living the American dream. He immigrated to the USA 7 years ago and could barely even speak English. He came with nothing to his name back in 2014 and just within a few years, he is owner of 6 and 7 figure companies, runs two e-commerce companies and rental properties while leading a team of 20+ employees in America and overseas. His pandemic start up went from $0-$1M in only 3 months. He hit $4M within 1 year and created jobs during the pandemic for American workers.

Apart from his successful businesses, he was also a high achiever in college. He was amongst the first international students to receive a STEM scholarship with full tuition paid. He was selected as a top college tutor for chemistry and physics during his college time at North Lake college. Since he was an exceptional student himself who excelled in academics, he mentored high school students to prepare for their science test and college scholarship applications. He was able to help 2 Hispanic students getting a full scholarship to their dream school The University of Texas at Dallas. After his successful Amazon business, he became an Amazon FBA Mentor, helping others attain financial independence and gain insights on running successful Amazon business from $0 to 6 figures.

As an immigrant who came to the USA with nothing, achieving all this is huge. He has created a whole new life for himself and gained the confidence to help other immigrants seeking financial freedom too. He is a source of inspiration for not just immigrants but also all Americans.

Written by Monella