The View Faces Criticism From 1D Fans


Recently the boys of One Direction had an interview with The View following their performance on Good Morning America. If you’re a fan of One Direction you probably already know where this article is going.


On The View, interviewer Michelle Collins was very rude and pushy in a way that made the interview awkward and made viewers cringe and outraged. Even the boys themselves seem annoyed during various parts of the interview.


Within minutes of the interview, Collins said “I’m extremely fertile, I’m younger than I look”. Personally, I was shocked and disgusted to hear her say that. It seemed highly inappropriate and unprofessional.


The boys themselves all looked shocked and co-host Raven Simone quickly showed her disapproval by moving as far away as she could.


Member of the boyband, Niall Horan, even said “I don’t know, she’s not well in the head” when Simone wondered aloud why she’d do that. Niall seemed the only one who was laughing and joking during the interview.


Multiple times Collins reached over and touched Harry Styles’ gorgeous locks and even his thigh at one point. I’ve never before seen an interviewer touch someone anywhere without their permission.


The interview only got worse from there with questions being asked about boys preferences in women and making things sexual with only one question being asked about their new single, which the interviewer had clearly not listened to before.


With a world tour currently going on, a new album on the way, the boys’ involvement with action1D, and bandmate Louis Tomlinson taking part in the Believe In Magic Ball which raises money for terminally ill children, surely this interviewer could have asked more questions of substance rather than “Would you be on Bachelor Paradise?”


Casting the lost opportunity to ask the lads some better questions that their fans want to know aside, the bigger problem is how inappropriate Collins was.


This isn’t a problem just because it was One Direction. Any artist no matter race, gender, orientation, group or solo, deserves to have their personal space respected. Such inappropriate comments such as “I’m fertile” is also unexceptable of any interviewer.


Moving on to the fact that so little was asked about the artists. Multiple times during the interview, the interviewer cut off the boys responses giving a rushed vibe to it; a notable cut off being when she cut off Liam Payne’s response that their new single, Drag Me Down, was about the fans being there for them.


The content of the interview itself was something that resembled their younger years questions “What does a girl have to do to get your attention?” etc.


Collins tried to push for more information on how to get the boys attention (“Just be nice” said Harry which Liam quickly agreed with), Simone quickly cut her off and thanked the boys for their time.


I hope future interviews see the media response to this interview and realize that millions of fans are saying they want better content not just questions about who they’re attracted to/dating etc.


Artists aren’t only sexual being and most fans support artists because of their talent and personality not just because they want to sleep with them.


Questions about the boys thoughts, the music, how their families are, any projects they’re recently doing. This should go for all artists.


The opportunity for many good quality questions was there but Collins failed to take advantage of it. Hopefully we receive better interviews in the future.


Here are how some fans responded to The View interview:

@curIyswirl: The interview with the view was so ugly they looked terrified ?”

@curlystagram: experienced major second hand embarrassment watching this interview with the view and 1d omg so awkward ?”

@sweetpealwt: The interview for The View was the most uncomfortable interview I’ve ever seen”

@larryarefond: the view interview was so uncomfortable louis looked so done with the interviewers and that interviewer wouldn’t stop flirting with harry”

@prettykidlouis: the boys’ interview on the view was one of the worst interviews they’ve had bc it made no sense & you could tell the boys were uncomfortable”


Let us know what you think of the interview.

Written by CelebMix