Throwback Thursday-5SOS Edition

  1. Keeks

I’m pretty sure every single 5SOS fan really misses the Keeks. Of course we have Snapchat now, however the keeps that were something we could go back to and rewatch as many times as we liked. Iconic Keeks such as ‘Chocolate Milk Party’ a rendition by Ashton Irwin was one of the most relatable things ever. I mean who wouldn’t want a chocolate milk party?


2. Michael’s First Hair Change

Due to a scroll down Michael’s instagram the first hair change from Michaels natural hair colour was a light brown. It’s safe to say that the brown hair was a lot of peoples favourites. But we all very much love the varieties of the hair that has occurred all the way up to the present day.Throwback Thursday-5SOS Edition 1

3. Luke’s Quiff

Things are getting hair related. But when was the last time that we saw Luke with a quiff!! That quiff was higher than the Empire State Building! The quiff managed to add an extra 2 inches onto the boys height, so Luke you have no excuse in not being the tallest in the band, we all know you are.

Throwback Thursday-5SOS Edition 1

4. Calum’s Lip Piercing

You know you’re a true 90’s kid if you remember this. Calum, we all loved the lip piercing. Where did it go?! The 27th of April was a blessed day for us all. R.I.P to the lip piercing, we hope to see it soon.

Throwback Thursday-5SOS Edition 2

5. Fringe Game Strong

Throwback Thursday-5SOS Edition 3

There is no better throwback than the fringes. Fringes were one of the signature things for the boys no doubt and makes us wonder, how long it took to do those every morning! Bring back the 5SOS fringe.

Written by CelebMix