Thundamentals soar to the ‘Top Of The World’ in their newest single; announce new album out November 11

Following on from the release of their brand new single and video for ‘Top Of The World‘ dropping last month, and for your eyes below, Thundamentals (Tuka, Jeswon, DJ Morgs) have announced the release of their sixth album, ‘All This Life‘, due out for release on November 11.

Having created music together for over a decade, Thundamentals’ journey has been one of triumph and growth: selling out shows in all corners of the country racking up millions of streams worldwide and landing multiple platinum and gold singles. Like lots of other people, Thundamentals went through an period of growth during the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the group to reconsider their approach. Through that experience, the group began to write constantly – in person and virtually – with no particular goal in mind beyond pure escapism and maintaining a connection at the beginning. However, as the months went on the group came to the realisation that regardless of the physical limitations, there was still a lot of life happening.

Thundamental’s sixth album comes from that aforementioned time, and the conversations they had together. This album represents a celebration of the goodness in life and everything it can offer. All This Life aims to leave listeners with a sense of hope and uplift them in times of uncertainty.

Working with Carl Dimataga on the album, the group have put together a joyful, vibrant and uplifting body of work. To say it only represents a celebration of life itself, would be an understatement, as the album also showcases the band’s position this far into their career.

Thundamentals’ All This Life is due out for release on November 11 – in partnership with Virgin Music Australia – and available for pre-order now.

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