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Tiffany Young Takes on America with New Single ‘Over My Skin’

After living in South Korea for over a decade as a member of Girls’ Generation, Tiffany Young is back in the United States to focus on her solo career with the release of her new single, “Over My Skin.” The track comes two years after Young released her solo debut album, I Just Wanna Dance.

Born and raised in California, Young moved to South Korea as a teenager to be a member of Girls’ Generation, becoming one of the country’s most well-known idols. However, when speaking to Rolling Stone’s Jae Hae-Kim, Young says that “it was never a secret” that she wanted to launch a career in America. She says, “My girls knew and our fans knew.”

Now that she’s been with Girls’ Generation for over ten years, Young decided to take what she’s learned as a K-pop artist and combine it with the musical influences she grew up with in America, such as “Pharrell, Britney, Justin Timberlake” and the “Timbaland era.”

“That music is still amazing to this day. I just wanted to bring both worlds together.”

Young does exactly that with her new single, “Over My Skin,” which features a classic pop vibe with a hint of 90’s R&B elements.

Young says the track is “about doing my life my way and not for anyone else,” adding how the song is about more than just sex. “It is about being a woman in this world at this time. My favorite line is ‘do nasty things and you don’t judge me’ because I think every woman feels that way and there is nothing wrong with it.”

A video for the song is currently in the works, but as of now, fans can only hear “Over My Skin” on digital platforms.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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