Tom and Giovanna Fletcher announce their second pregnancy

The Fletcher family has been giving us some serious family goals since way way back. If they didn’t already secure our eternal love and affection with their video of McFly’s Tom’s wedding speech, they certainly did with their first pregnancy announcement video, which you can watch here. Or with the famous “from bump to Buzz” video in which they show us, well, you guessed it, the growth of Giovanna’s baby bump in the coolest way ever.

After Buzz’s birth, Tom’s Youtube channel became even more awesome. You’ve probably already seen this vid, in which Tom and Buzz have some (and when I say ‘some’ I actually mean ‘the most’) fun with dandelions. But have you seen this one, where father and son perform a magical duet of Justin Bieber’s “baby”?

Anyway, back to today’s news. When Tom uploaded a vid called ‘Player 2’ today, we already got a bit suspicious and a lot excited. And they didn’t let us down. After the announcement of their first pregnancy, we were pretty sure the highest level of cool-pregnancy-announcements was reached. We were wrong.

We really really hope there will be loads and loads of Fletcher babies to come ‘cause we can’t wait to see what Tom and Gi will come up with next. So if you read this, Fletcher family, keep ‘em coming. Or don’t. Whatever you want actually, we’ll just sit here and adore you anyways.

Massive congrats to Tom and Giovanna. We hope the pregnancy goes well and you’ll welcome a happy and healthy baby next spring.


Written by CelebMix