Top 5 Memorable Moments from Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is due to return to Netflix for Season 4 on June 17th and we’ve already cleared our schedules so that we can binge watch the intense show once again. To help prepare ourselves for the new season coming out this week we’ve been watching back to back episodes of our favourite Netflix TV show and we want to share some of our most memorable moments.

If you haven’t already caught up or you haven’t seen the show yet this article will contain spoilers from previous seasons, you have been warned!


1.Toy Story 

We love Morello more than we thought was possible and we loved her a lot more when she describes the plot of one of our favourite childhood movies, Toy Story. Morello shrieks in excitement over the plot of Toy Story as we silently beg her to keep her eyes on the road.



2. Defining Fierce

Red wants to dress to impress and all she can tell Sophia is that she wants to look ‘fierce’. Sophia, being the sassy belle of Litchfield that we know and adore, knows two definitions of fierce and perfectly portrays both in an attempt to understand what Red means. Sophia serves fierce and we fall in love.

Top 5 Memorable Moments from Orange is the New Black 1


3. Taystee Rap

How could we ever forget Taystee and her famous rap? There’s not much to say about this other than you need to watch this if you haven’t already seen it or you simply can’t remember it. We can rap all verses to this and we want to know if we can put that on our resume?


4. Tacos! 

We soon realised that we all have a little bit of Nicky inside of us. You’re all up in your feelings, you’re down in the dumps, think of Taco night. Nicky taught us a valuable lesson here: sad friends need food. You can’t be sad with a taco, even if the taco becomes beef and noodles.

Top 5 Memorable Moments from Orange is the New Black 2


5. Hollaback Bennet 

Bennet flaunts what he’s got to popular Gwen Stefani track Hollaback Girl and there are tears of laughter down our faces as Bennet gives it his all each and every time we watch this clip. This is undeniably one of our favourite Orange is the New Black moments and it’s nice to see Bennet has a sense of humour.

Make sure you watch this space as we will be reviewing all episodes of Season 4 of Orange is the New Black right here on CelebMix. Let the countdown to Season 4 begin!

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Written by CelebMix