Top 5 Most Successful Celebrity Casino Players

Casinos attract gamers from different financial backgrounds. Many people place low stakes in slot games. But, some celebrities spend their weekends at cozy casinos. Their lifestyle is full of glamor and glitz. Some people play slots on Betway88, which that comes as no surprise for anyone. Here are five celebrities who are successful casino players.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd tops the list of successful celebrity casino players. He rakes in a huge profit from casino games that most professional gamblers can’t earn. Besides being a professional boxer, Mayweather has earned more than $10 million from casino gambling. For instance, in 2012, the American boxer made $1 million from betting on an Arizona State vs Oregon match. He didn’t stake on his bout with McGregor. But, Floyd earned more than $300 million from the fight.

Ben Affleck

Affleck is a skilled director and actor. He recently acted as the Dark Knight. Ben has acted in more than 50 films in his acting career. He won two Oscars in the past. Many movie fans don’t know that Ben plays casino games on weekends and during holidays. He took part in and topped in the California State Poker Championship in 2004.

He received a cash prize of $356,400. It earned him an automatic qualification in the World Poker Tour tournament. Ben won many blackjack games at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2014. One of the greatest sites to place your bets on is Betway88 casino, so be sure to check them out.

50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson, popularly known as 50 Cent was shot nine times in the past. He luckily survived the attacks. 50 Cent developed an interest in cryptocurrency in the recent past. He released the Animal Ambition album in 2014. You can buy it with bitcoin. The American rapper earned $500,000 from his fifth album’s sales in 2014. Now; the cryptocurrency is more than $7 million. Rumors claim that 50 Cent won $500,000 in a single NFL game between New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers in 2012.

Derren Brown

Brown is an expert in misdirection and illusion. He is popular for his amazing performances and shows. The illusionist took part in casino betting before he grew his career. He often visits different casinos in London. Some casinos banned him due to his exceptional gambling skills. Casino employees revealed that Derren never lost any bet despite placing small stakes. The Broadway Plaza Casino banned him several years ago when he tries to play blackjack.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell

Victoria is a renowned British panel presenter. She is married to David Mitchell, a Peep Show celebrity. Besides being a journalist, Victoria is also a writer and a talented poker player. She won a tournament in the European Poker Tour at San Remo. Since then, the British presenter has won other poker competitions. She has earned more than $2 million in poker. Victoria often visits the Victoria Casino to play Texas Hold’Em. She likes drinking and smoking.

Many celebrities pass time in high-end casinos. They play different games for fun. Floyd Mayweather, Ben Affleck, 50 Cent, Derren Brown and Victoria Coren are celebrities who earn a huge profit from casino betting. They often visit Las Vegas for its diverse casino tables. Betway88 has an online casino that allows you to wager in different online games.

Written by Monella