Track-By-Track Album Review: Barei – You Number One

This week saw Barei drop her brand new album, titled “You Number One”. It is her third studio album – well, technically her fourth if you count the re-issue of her previous one – following up debut “Billete para no volver” and sophomore “Throw The Dice”.

She’s best known for representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, with the catchy song “Say Yay!”. She managed to gain 77 points, which placed her 22nd in the Grand Final. Since then, she released an anti-bullying single “I Don’t Need To Be You” which appears on this brand new album. Next up was three singles that were released week-on-week, these were “Wasn’t Me“, “Forget It“, and “Worry, Worry (feat. Porta)” – only the latter single made it on to this album. Then, preceding the release of her third studio LP, “You Number One” was dropped as the lead track and title single.

We’ve been waiting a couple of years for this album and we’re so grateful it is now available to stream and download right now. This week is also Eurovision Week, so if you are looking for new music from past contestants on the Eurovision Song Contest, look no further because Barei is here to bring it with this incredible new album.

Since we love this LP and Barei so much, we just had to do a track-by-track album review of “You Number One”. Each track is unique and deserves to be heard. This is definitely one of our favourite albums released this year so far.

I Don’t Need To Be You

We adore this anti-bullying track and it works perfectly as the opening song on this album. It’s groovy and powerful, with the children choir fully bringing feels to every single listener. Barei’s vocals are fire from start to finish with the lyrical content hard-hitting with every word, making quite the impact. What a way to start this album.

Ready Or Not (with Matteo)

Now, this was not what we were expecting, it has this reggae-pop sound with Barei’s typical drifting vocals we adore. It has this summer vibe going on in the backing track that just makes it funky and beautiful all before a deep hypnotical instrumental, jumps in with Matteo really empowering the reggae vibe of the track. This is weird yet magical, one we’ll have to repeatedly play just because we love the mood it is putting us in and we never want it to end.

I’m With You

Following “Ready Or Not” is not an easy task, so Barei strips it back with “I’m With You” giving us “Worry, Worry” vibes for sure. It has a tranquil sound to the song, whilst Barei gives us subtle vocal riffs and gentle emotion that’s full of love. This is one of those songs we want to take to the beach with us as we paddle in the surf whilst holding hands with our partner. It captures that tender summer sound that we can’t help but love.

Gotta Be Today (with Heren)

This song opens up with a lovely instrumental before Barei’s epic vocals jump straight in. Lyrically wise “Gotta Be Today” is encouraging and full of positivity. The backing track is beyond amazing taking us to Ibiza as soon as the beat drops after the chorus, this is what we’ve been waiting for from Barei and we so hope this one becomes the next single as we can see it becoming a summer anthem around the world.

Loosen Up Get Me Higher

This song stands out from the get-go as Barei’s vocals are clear and crisp allowing her to show off her singing ability. The chorus jumps in out of nowhere and makes quite the impact. Barei stuns us with the lyrics, appealing to everyone around the world as this song is beyond relatable. It has this sweet sound to it with deep emotional words.

You Number One

Here’s the title track, and it’s one of our favourites on the album because it spreads self-belief and confidence – which is something everyone needs in their lives. As a stand-alone single we absolutely adore the track, but as part of the album, it fades slightly within the tracks and yet still make that emotional impact with us inside as Barei nails the song and make us believe in our selves.

Not A Drama (with Kronno Zomber)

This one is not a typical Barei song so it’s not a surprise to see it sandwiched between “You Number One” and “Worry, Worry”. It’s deeper and darker, showing off her versatility as an artist. It has a deep Latin feel to it, like a stripped back version of the popular Latin-pop tracks that went viral last year. We hold a special place for this track in our hearts.

Worry, Worry (with Porta)

This is one of those grower songs. It was the third single released last year when she released three week-on-week and we felt that this one was the weakest as “Wasn’t Me” and “Forget It” was instantly catchy. This one is soothing and gentle with a groovy backing track. It’s not a clear single but still manages to stand on its own thanks to Porta’s addicting rap. You’ll soon be singing along to this track.

My Fault

Another tranquil stripped-back track that totally works following “Worry, Worry”. Barei’s vocals are on point in every single way as she takes us on this emotional journey. She goes a little on the sketchy side towards the end of the chorus with come scratchy high notes; usually, we would call these bum notes, but Barei turns them into unique sounding crying-out notes that just breaks our heart – she’s clearly feeling so guilty and that really comes across in her shriek-like howls, that shouldn’t work but it flat-out does.


Here’s a summer track from Barei, she’s put the summer Spain vibe in this track, and we are loving it. The story-telling of this track is so interesting as Barei sings about being an empowering female in the 21st century and she’s warning everyone that she will be more than what others expect her to be. We love this track, and it’s one for the summer playlists.

With The Flow

Starting off with the piano, this is an intricate way to open a Barei track. What we think is stripped back soon builds up as more instruments are added and Barei’s amazing vocals. Boy, can she hold a note too, this chorus is one of her most impressive on the album. She brings a groovy track, killer vocals, and confidence to everyone; we’re so embracing “let it go, with the flow”.

Bitter Cold

The backing track to this song is completely stripped back exposing Barei’s gorgeous vocals. She takes us on a journey that matches the piano notes in the backing track, expressing everything she is feeling. There’s a lot of tension and nervousness to these lyrics in the track, it’s raw but magical. We’re getting shivers just listening to it.

Hide And Seek (with Zeen)

Zeen starts this track off with his voice. It’s a great contrast with Barei’s voice and their harmonies are completely rich, filling our bodies with warmth after the last “Bitter Cold” track. The lyrical content is about how they used to love each other but they don’t anymore and they’re both hurt. What a way to end this album; Barei and Zeen make a brilliant pair and this song deserves a music video. We hope they come together for another track in the future because their voices are perfection together. This song deserves worldwide success; instead, it’ll be a treasured track amongst fans.

What this album serves is proof that Barei is much more than “Say Yay!”. Her Eurovision song may have gone viral to an extent, and may have been a favourite for a short time amongst the Eurovision fans; but, she’s gone on to release even better music that deserves to chart all around the world. We are completely blown away with this perfectly packaged album, and we hope it gets the credit it deserves in Spain, if not worldwide.

Barei is a force to be reckoned with and with a voice like this one, she’ll be going places. “You Number One” the album is available to download and stream right now – we can’t get enough of it.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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