Track-By-Track Album Review: Katie Costello – Twice The Love

We have a brand new album from Katie Costello. “Twice The Love” is her official third studio album and contains 11 awesome tracks. It has been released on REBEL POP Records, to which Katie Costello is a co-founder of.

In July, she released an EP titled “New World” which gave her fans a taste of this brand new album. Her debut album was “Kaleidoscope Machine” which was released in 2008 when she was just 17 years old. She followed that up with her second studio album a year later, titled “Lamplight”. After some time away to develop her sound as she dropped various singles and EPs; she’s now ready to release “Twice The Love”.

“My third album ‘Twice The Love’ is unlike anything I’ve made before in that each song was written and recorded in a different city with a different creative collaborator,” she said of the album. “I learned to let go making this album and my wish is that those who listen to it will feel open-hearted, alive, and free spirited in their journey to follow their dreams.”

We were lucky enough to hear this album in full before it was released, and we can guarantee it’s a total must-listen on repeat sort of album.

New York Graffiti

A typical pop song, Katie Costello impresses with her vocals. She has this determined vibe to her voice that inspires listeners. The track is the perfect opener to the album definitely exciting us for what’s to come afterwards. The song has a Katy Perry feel to it, one we’re already addicted to.

Up In The Air

Slightly more upbeat, yet with a more relaxed vibe to it, “Up In The Air” contains a lot of instruments bringing this sensual jovial sound; almost as if we are floating in air itself. It’s certainly a sweet track with Katie Costello impressing as her lyrics match the sound of the song, sending us up into the air herself.

Why Does My Heart Break

Quite the turn, this song is full of sad emotion. We feel as if we’ve gone from one massive extreme of floating high in the air, to the other massive extreme where we’re lying on the ground. This brilliant singer has literally snatched us down from the sky with this surprising track that shows she can control the listeners with her amazing voice.

New World

It’s time to build a “New World” with this much more exciting track. Katie Costello takes on the events of the world, making people realise that our own actions can really change our perceptions. She decides she wants to make a new world with her and her friends, and it sounds like the perfect world we all want to live in, one that is full of love and better days. This is what the album feels like, this album is this new world that she’s created and as a listener, we are stepping inside, to this much better place. This is one of our favourite tracks on the album.


From a sweet song to another emotional song, Katie Costello sure likes to take us on quite the roller coaster of a journey through this album. This particular song is beaty and rhythmic yet has quite the indie vibe to it, with this female singer proving she’s strong and can definitely sing powerful meaningful songs.

Silver & Gold

“Silver & Gold” brings back the joyous vibes with quite the rock influence. It has a Christmas song energy to it, with Katie Costello being all confident and determined. She totally suits this sort of music, and it’s a nice refreshing twist compared to the previous songs we’ve heard.

I’ll Be Here

This song kickstarts with Katie Costello’s vocals from the first second; really allowing the listeners to hone into her vocals. It sounds like a simple song, one that we’ll certainly be learning the lyrics to and singing along next time we hear it. It’s uplifting from that first second where her voice kicks in. She adds vocal kicks as the song continues, ones that certainly impress. How can anyone not like this sweet, beautiful song?

A Beautiful Mystery

Back to her jovial spirit and her determined vocals, this song certainly suits Katie Costello’s voice. It’s groovy throughout, one that will appeal to a wide audience. Her vocals are certainly strong on this track, really getting the meaning of this song to the listeners.


“Lights” takes the whole sound of the album down a notch. Certainly unexpected, it has this jazz sort of relaxed vibe to it. To be fair, this is the sort of songs we expect from Katie Costello, so it’s nice to hear something that we already expected from her. It’s passionate and drifting, whilst telling us a story. Caught up in the moment, this song definitely stands out; one track that’s unforgettable.

Here & Now

The lyrics for this track is beyond catchy and super nice. “Here & Now” continues Katie Costello’s sweet sound, whilst wrapping it around one of the most commercial pop songs on this album. It’s rhythmically great and definitely makes the listeners listen to the lyrics as well as the uplifting backing track. What a brilliant penultimate track on the album. We already want to replay the album, and we haven’t even got to the last track yet.


“Holiday” ends the whole LP and what a song to finish on. Taking us back to her previous indie style found in “Roses”, this one shows her versatility as an artist, claiming that the album is complete. It’s definitely one that stands out with Katie Costello giving great vocal technique as she unleashes emotion throughout this track.

As a whole, Katie Costello has certainly impressed us all with her third studio album. It’s quite different to what she has released in the past, developing her sound and proving that she is a diverse artist.

“Twice The Love” is certainly an uplifting album, one that is set to inspire every single listener to go after their dreams; just like Katie Costello said she wanted people to get from this album. It is available to download and stream right now, and we certainly can’t recommend it enough.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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