Track-By-Track Album Review: Kit Rice – Konfidence

Today’s the day that Kit Rice drops his debut album, titled “Konfidence”. We’ve been waiting for it to be released for some time as we’ve been covering his singles here at CelebMix. We know you’re going to love this.

Kit Rice made his name known when he auditioned on The Voice UK series six, he was eliminated during The Battles. Since leaving the show, he’s been focusing on his music career, dropping addicting songs that we’ve been loving; and, we couldn’t wait to hear more from him. Now, we’ve got this brand new album.

“Konfidence” follows up his previous project “Living Life EP” which was released in 2016. Kit Rice continues to show that he deserves a place within the music industry. His album spawned a total of four singles which were “Dance All Night”, “Just A Kiss“, “Always Been This Way“, and title track “Konfidence”. All four received remixes individually from DJ Fen, Djimon, Operator S, and DJ Freek, respectively.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his Konfidence album, Kit Rice said, “I wanted to create an album which didn’t try to tick any boxes or put me in a category, I simply wrote what I was feeling, and married it with a sound that expressed that feeling. The message I want to promote is self-confidence in its many forms, being safe in your skin, and moving the world on from prejudice and hate. Confidence isn’t about always being right, but not being afraid to get it wrong, take chances, live your truth and never take no as the end. Take it as the beginning.”

On how the Konfidence album came to life, Kit Rice added, “The best thing about making music is sharing it with other people and I’m so excited to share my latest piece of work. Birthed in my bedroom and nurtured in a few of my favourite local studios, this album has been a labour of love from start to finish and features some of my dearest and most talented friends. Having such a diversity of sounds, with fresh ears and ideas, helped make this an amazing recording experience for me. This album is all about confidence, honesty and positivity but, not shying away from difficult issues.”

That’s the exact message that Kit Rice manages to unleash to his listeners of this album. It’s amazing what you can do if you put your heart and soul into what you love. This is a polished eight-track album that you totally need to listen to, so we’re giving you a track-by-track album review so that you can fully immerse yourself in these songs.

Dance All Night

The opening track is the official first single that was released. It’s got a soulful funky rhythm to it that is something that is missing in mainstream pop today. Kit Rice impresses with his lyrics as he reveals how much he wants to dance all night with someone he likes. This is one of those songs that it’s impossible to stay still whilst listening to, it’s just something we all want to dance to.

Just A Kiss

Pulling it back a bit, “Just A Kiss” brings something new and different to the album. Kit Rice loves displaying his versatility, as we know from his official single releases, and this album is definitely going to show it off. This song is ballad-like reminding us of the 90’s classic pop ballads mixed with a pure soulful voice. This sounds like something Sam Smith would release. It continues on a story from “Dance All Night” and his words are encapturing as he reveals how a kiss can bring up feelings he has never felt before.

Always Been This Way

This track works well after “Just A Kiss”, but it has a much more different sound, with Kit Rice bringing a deeper vocal. It’s a tuneful track that is rhythmically tranquil, keeping in with the 90’s homage whilst mixing it up with a slight R&B twist. It’s a cute track and allows for a smoother transition into the next songs.


Here’s the title track, and his latest single; “Konfidence” is a track we expect a lot from, and this British male artist doesn’t disappoint. This plays to the strengths of his voice with some heightened funk sounds flowing in the backing track. The song sounds like something we’d listen to whilst playing a Mario Kart game. It’s beyond groovy and totally an unforgettable track – which was probably why it was chosen as the title song.


Does anyone really like the way someone sweats? What a lyric to open this song with as we hear a slight beaty rhythm which allows Kit Rice’s voice to shine and then he brings it for the chorus as the song’s track knocks it up a notch. As the song progresses we hear a bunch of synths and crescendos of sound as Kit Rice unlocks his falsetto. This song is definitely one we can imagine many people making out to, and more.

You Are Enough

Another new sound opens this track up, Kit Rice is definitely making sure he isn’t defined to one genre, fully proving how versatile he is and why The Voice UK let a good artist go home – they’ve done that plenty of times in the past, so it’s not really a surprise. There’s some clap sounds that we’re so joining in with and an extremely soulful vocal from Kit Rice with great backing voices giving this an ethereal sound that ensure confidence. The lyrics are empowering telling every listener to fight the voices inside – this comes from the heart, we know he’s had struggles to make music into a career and now he’s released a song to give everyone the encouragement to keep going and to never stop. “You Are Enough” is our favourite track on the album becoming a treasured hit of ours.

Walk Alone

This track opens hypnotically allowing Kit Rice to fully shine on the first verse, his vocals sound amazing on this track as he sings some very raw and hard-hitting lyrics. It’s something a lot of people will relate to as he sings about worldly problems and connecting it with something we’ve all dealt with. This just shows how incredible Kit Rice is as an artist.

Catch You When You Fall

Last track on the album and Kit Rice is here to make an impact on every listener so they remember his name. This one is stripped back with a dominant piano chord in the background as Kit Rice impresses with his vocals. He’s still giving us a 90’s sound whilst encouraging us all with his incredible words. It’s one of those songs that you listen to when you’re feeling down because it sounds deep but it uplifts every listener.

This debut album by Kit Rice has been a long-time coming and it has totally been worth the wait. His voice is absolutely incredible and he pushes to prove that he is completely versatile when it comes to music. It’s an unforgettable album and he manages to spread his message to every listener.

“Konfidence” is available, from today, to download and stream. Keep your eyes on Kit Rice because we believe there’s more music to come and he’s totally not one to give up.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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