Track by Track: Mood Killer breaks boundaries on ‘Liquify’ EP

Genre-bending artist and creator Mood Killer releases their experimental debut EP of twisted pop bangers. 

Liquify lands on streaming platforms today. A collection of tracks from one of the industry’s most defiant minds, its six tracks land from different parts of the universe with one thing in common – there are certified bangers.

CelebMix breaks down Liquify track-by-track.

1. ‘Burn the Books’ 

As Mood Killer opens their EP with, “tonight I’m gunna take the wheel, tonight we are gunna do what we feel”, ‘Burn the Books’ embodies everything the EP and Mood Killer stand for. Calling Liquify an EP to “dismantle those rigid divisions”, Mood Killer wipes the slate clean to create a reality free of divisions. Landing with a pulsing electronica production and high tempo pop production, it’s a fizzling start to Liquify.

2. ‘Go Hard’

What could just well be the stand-out moment on Liquify, ‘Go Hard’ is a care-free flick that land somewhere between PC-music inspired crashes and chart-ready pop with a splash of EDM thrown in. Really, it’s that impossibility to call it anything other than itself that makes ‘Go Hard’ so special. Destined for a live show, ‘Go Hard’ is everything it says on the tin.

3. ‘Cam Boy’

A catchy sex-work positive track, Mood Killer released ‘Cam Boy’ ahead of the EP last month. Landing with a playful “dystopian cyber journey” of a music video, you can thank ever-present creative partners Dorian Electra and Weston Allen for part of that, Mood Killer plays on the misconceptions of the online world.

4. ‘Can’t Wait’

Pondering on the imminent collapse of society, “I can’t wait for you” Mood Killer warns over a fizzing production as time ticks down.

5. ‘Liquify’

The EP’s title track and lead single, ‘Liquify’ is Mood Killer’s rallying call for listeners to join them as “fleshy, throbbing blogs”. A fun-filled, distorted track, behind Killer’s winking production and lyrics is a hard-lined calling out of society’s need to build up walls and divisions between people.

6. ‘Can’t Relax’

Finishing off their Liquify EP by turning the uncontrollable nature of anxiety into a light-hearted climbing pop flick. Perhaps Liquify‘s most catchy moment as Mood Killer hammers in “gotta slow down, wanna slow down, how to slow down, I can’t relax”, it’s another track we just need to see live.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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