You may have seen our post (here) about how Twenty One Pilot’s song Heathens — which is going to be featured in the upcoming film Suicide Squad — was leaked. Well it’s now on Spotify so what better way to celebrate than writing a review of the track.

If you’ve not heard already there’s a new Twenty One Pilots song out in the world called Heathens, which means a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (especially one who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim) as regarded by those who do.

This song is a pretty dark sounding song, but has depth to when it come’s to the lyrics. The lyrics sound as if they’re telling a story about how not to judge new people in a bad way. The song sounds as if it’s talking to their fans also know as The Clique. Since the the success of the band’s most recent release Stressed Out, they have gained a lot more new fans which causes some — not all from what we can see — fans to call the newer fans “fake fans” and that they don’t really understand some of the songs that the band has released. It seems as though Tyler is telling their existing fans to be accepting and not to be so quick to judge these new ones.

The instrumental parts of the song are just as good as the lyrics of the song, from what we can hear there’s piano, a lot of guitars during the instrumentals and an amazing base.

Not to mention Tyler’s voice is just perfect for this song. He’s singing with passion, like he wants people to hear the lyrics which is just beautiful.

Heathens is a song that you can feel the tension going on through out the song as you listen to it.

According to @97xonair on twitter who recently replied to a fan who asked if the video was coming out tomorrow (17 June) and said yes, according to what their (Twenty One Pilot’s) record label emailed them.

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Written by CelebMix