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The Trailer For Upcoming Thriller “Josie” Featuring Sophie Turner Is Here

With a little over a year to go until the final season of, “Game of Thrones,” airs, we really can’t blame actress Sophie Turner for wanting to try her hand at something new. After all it must be pretty tiring sitting around in cold Winterfell waiting for the White Walkers to arrive, which is why we weren’t at all surprised when she revealed that she was starring in new thriller, “Josie,” set to premiere in only five days’ time.

And with the movie’s premiere so soon, we want to make sure you see the official trailer first. But be warned – if you’re expecting to see sweet little Sansa Stark in it then you are in for a big surprise, as Sophie Turner had to completely transform into a tattooed teen with a dark secret for the role which is about as far from Westeros as you could possibly get.

So without further ado, check out the official trailer for, “Josie,” right here:

Switching her English accent and pale complexion for a Southern twang and a sleeve of tattoos, the former redhead takes on the lead role as a young woman named Josie who just moved to town. As you can see in the movie’s official trailer, there are plenty of picturesque scenes which feature bright skies and a gorgeous looking swimming pool but, “Josie,” is far from lighthearted. Sophie’s newest alter-ego soon finds herself in the face of danger after she uncovers the mysterious pasts of some of her new neighbours.

But in a twist set to take the movie to new heights, it might be Josie’s own dark history which proves to be a lot more sinister.

We can’t wait to find out what Josie is hiding and we also can’t wait to see Sophie’s chemistry with all of her co-stars including, “American Horror Story,” actor Dylan McDermott and, “Palo Alto,” actor Jack Kilmer. The former will play the title character’s reclusive next door neighbour, while the latter plays a local punk named Marcus.

“It’s intense,” Sophie recently told Coveteur about the film and after watching the trailer for, “Josie,” a few times over, we definitely don’t doubt that. It seems like it has a lot of potential which has already been proven with a huge win at this year’s Mammoth Film Festival where it picked up the awards for Best Genre Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Actress.

We’re excited to see which awards it wins next following its release.

Directed by Eric England and written by Anthony Ragone II, “Josie,” hits theatres and On Demand in five days. That’s 16th March, and you don’t want to miss it. See which theatres it will be premiering at below:

"Josie" Theater Releases (2018)

And until it premieres, we’ll just be over here like…

Sophie Turner in "Josie" (2018)

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