The New Trailer For “The 100” Season Four Has Dropped – The End Is Coming

We’ve only got a few months to go until season four of “The 100” arrives on our TV screens; but this teaser trailer has got us extremely excited.

The Jason Rothenberg developed TV series has had viewers gripped to each episode, as well as identifying completely with characters; only to then find out they’ve been killed off.

Now into its fourth season, the teaser trailer has dropped, announcing that: “The end is coming”, as well as: “Death is inevitable”.

Watch “The 100” Season Four Teaser Trailer Here:


The opening of the trailer reveals the ending decision Clarke, played by Eliza Taylor, had to make in the finale of the previous season. “You don’t ease pain; you overcome it”.

The new season will see the foretold end of the world; just the way Alie, played by Erica Cerra, said it would. “96 percent of the Earth’s surface will be inhabitable. Black rain will come first; there will be no drinkable water. Precancerous lesions will form. Death is inevitable.”

Alie’s prophecy shows the troubles people in this season will have to face. Clarke wants everyone to stick together; not just to survive, but to thrive. Yet, it seems Murphy and Monty, played by Richard Harmon and Christopher Larkin respectively, are questioning her leadership; whilst Jasper, played by Devon Bostick, wants people to live their lives while they still can.

Roan, played by Zach McGowan, is in control of Ice Nation, with Indra, played by Adina Porter, by his side; all the while, Echo, played by Tasya Teles, stirs up trouble. Trying to get Grounders and Skaikru to work together is going to be a continued struggle.

It seems Octavia, played by Marie Avgeropoulos, is still on the run. Just like the previous season, where Clarke was on the run, where she was named “Wanheda”; Octavia has her own name. She is being called “a Sky Ripper”.

With all this going on, there are some love scenes in between. It seems there is still an affection between Bellamy, played by Bob Morley, and Clarke, as she struggles to continue to lead. It seems Abby, played by Paige Turco, and Marcus, played by Henry Ian Cusick, get it on. Whilst Harper, played by Chelsey Reist, has a heart to heart with Monty.

Then there’s Raven, played by Lindsey Morgan, who totally needs to find some happiness and continue her subtle leadership. She’s a fan favourite and a total strong character; yet, it seems she will continue to battle on in this season.

It’s all going on in this teaser trailer for season four of “The 100”. If the trailer is this explosive, we know we’re in for a real treat when it is released. “From the ashes, we will rise”.

Season four is expected to air on 1 February 2017 on CW in the United States. No UK date has been announced yet.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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