TXT release first full length album ‘The Dream Chapter: MAGIC’

Tomorrow x Together (TXT) have just released their highly anticipated first full album ‘The Dream Chapter: MAGIC’ lead by the title track “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away).”

The eight-track album continues the narrative from their debut EPThe Dream Chapter: STAR’, telling the stories of five boys transitioning to adolescence. ‘MAGIC’ is an album speaking on the exciting moments and ‘magical adventures’ that happen when the boys are together with friends, while also touching on the downsides and hardships of entering adolescence.

Lead by the single ‘9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)’, the song brings the listeners on a journey of the magical times they have with their friends. The lyrics suggest they run away to a magical place that only them and their friends can reach. The spellbinding music video laced with Harry Potter themes shows the boys playing with magic and embracing their youth.


TXT’s album continues with the youthful narrative across the remaining tracks, while also experimenting with a variety of genres. Just like a pick ‘n’ mix, ‘MAGIC’ has something for everyone. Upbeat pop with light hip-hop influences are laced through the anthemic “New Rules,” and ‘Angel or Devil’ , the electropop ride that is “Roller Coaster,” mid-tempo dance track “Can’t We Just Leave the Monster Alone?” and fantasy pop “Poppin’ Star.”. If upbeat tracks aren’t your scene, take a turn to the soft-tempo ballad “Magic Island” and R’n’B slow jam “20cm.” No one track is like another but all flow together to create an incredibly impactful and powerful first full-length album.

TXT has attracted mass attention due to their unique sound, innocent lyrics that reflect the trials and turbulances of youth and their charismatic performances. While there is much pressure attached to these boys as they are the second group to debut from BigHit Entertainment (behind global superstars BTS), TXT has proven themselves as ones to watch and a truly unique and powerful group.

The Dream Chapter: MAGIC is available worldwide now and let us know what you think of TXT’s first comeback by tweeting the CelebMix account!

Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 22-year-old UK-based graduate.
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