Up and Coming Artist Halsey Sells Out First Tour

Halsey has been very successful as an artist and has already broken through Internet barriers on her way to becoming a well known artist by all.


Halsey started on YouTube singing covers under her real name, Ashley Nicolette Frangipane.


When her original song, Ghost, gained popularity she was signed to the label Astralwerks and released her EP “Room 93”. Shortly after the EP’s release, Halsey toured with The Kooks and has been recently touring with Imagine Dragons.


Halsey is quickly making a name for herself and her debut album Badlands is being released on August 28 of this year and is available for preorder with 4 songs available now, including Ghost.


Halsey recently announced her first tour, titled Badlands after her upcoming album. Tickets for the tour went on sale July 31 and venues all over the U.S. and Canada were quickly sold out. Within the hour Halsey had added more dates and venue upgrades with those also being sold out as a shocking rate.


The artist showed her gratitude saying: “@Halsey: I can’t tell you guys how sick it is u sold out the entire tour in 1 day, even got to upgrade rooms and add extra dates. gonna be amazing”.


Such success for her first tour shows amazing promise for this artist, how talented Halsey is vocally, and that she is someone to keep an eye on as she is definitely a strong women and will be doing great things in the future.


Her dedication and love for her fans, constantly shown on her twitter and in person, is helping her build a strong fan base filled with people who admire her, her strength, and her admirable goal to reach her dream of sharing her music with all.

Written by CelebMix