UP NEXT: Allegra ‘Amazing’

The news is just in. London-based artist Allegra plans a single release for this year’s Halloween weekend. As a second track of the year, ‘Amazing’ will assist all party lovers that want to escape for a night or two. Set to be released on October 28th will give you enough time to memorise the incredibly catchy endorphin-charged single.

As the spooky season approaches, with that comes in global costume extravaganza. ‘Amazing’ will arrive at full speed with a momentary spell to push your worries aside and live in the moment. In classic Allegra fashion, ‘Amazing’ will build on hypnotising dance beats and lingering warm electronica.

Only at the beginning of her promising career Allegra receives instant success with top 2 chart positions. She takes her time and produces nothing less than chart-worthy material. Her humble approach ensures that each record is authentic to her and her musical trajectory.

Previously seen, Allegra seems to deliver one hit after another, and ‘Amazing’ might be her catchiest release yet, don’t miss out on October 28th.


Written by Emma

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