The Vamps: Wake Up – Album Review

Today is the day, The Vamps hotly anticipated second album has finally reached us!

After months of waiting, the boys have finally released their brand new album Wake Up, their first single that was released in October titled Wake Up was greatly adored by many fans.

This album, just like the first album entitled Meet The Vamps did not disappoint. I received my physical version this morning and have not stopped listening to it.

The first song off the album, is entitled Wake Up, like this album, which was their first single off this new album, it’s very catchy indeed and was a great new single for the boys which shows their potential and sets the sound for the album.

Rest Your Love, is the boys new single, they have dropped a video for it which was out this morning, the song itself is also very upbeat and the video is indeed lovely. You may see some very familiar faces including Conor Maynard, Take a look right here; Rest Your Love Video.

There is also a collaboration on this album with the nae nae master himself, Silentó. He joined the boys to rap on their song Volcano which is also very upbeat and catchy. The rap will no doubt take a while to master, but I plan to be an expert by tour!

Other songs on the album such as Million Words, Stolen Moments and Coming Home are very acoustic driven and raw, the lyrics are meaningful to the boys, you can feel the passion in their voices, which is highly incredible.

Also, songs such as I Found A Girl, Cheater, Written OffWorry and Windmills are expressively buoyant and very promising. Fans already know lyrics to these songs, there’s no doubt that I will know every song and every lyric back to back by tonight!

I am very proud of these boys, they have come so far since the first album, they have officially discovered their sound which is mesmerizing. The wait for the album was 100% definitely more than worth it!

My personal favourite song off the album is Million Words as you can feel the meaning and passion in Brad’s voice, the fact the lyrics mean a lot to him, especially in the chorus where it says, ‘Now I’m half a world away from you, but you’re always on my mind’, fans have branded this to be the sister to Shout About It which was on their debut album.

As a whole, this album is generally incredible, the boys took so long and worked so hard on it as they wanted it to be the best it could for the fans, it really is an exceptional album and definitely deserves a number one!

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Written by CelebMix