Vasco The Butter Love Mixtape

Vasco Returns With Stunning 5-Track Release “The Butter Love Mixtape”

Surprise! Vasco returns with a five-track masterpiece titled “The Butter Love Mixtape” and it truly is as smooth as butter.

It has been a couple of months since we heard from Danish producer Vasco, whose last release saw him team up with singer-songwriter Nikki Vianna on “Two Shots“.

Today, he luckily returns back to the music scene with another stunning release. Vasco comes in tow with an enchanting five-track project that is titled “The Butter Love Mixtape”.

Over the course of the new songs, we see him collaborating with long-time friends Scarlet Pleasure (on closing track “Another Night To Forget”) as well as STELLA (“Just Say”) and Rozzi (“Maybe”) among others.

“The Butter Love Mixtape” is probably the record that most clearly showcases the vision Vasco has in mind for his music. Slightly pitched-up vocals meet captivating instrumentals in this slightly left-of-center mixtape. Incredibly smooth and wonderfully silky, Vasco blends the elements together like no one else in order to create a combination that ends up both catchy and yet emotional at the same time.

It is the perfect soundtrack to calm down after a busy week or to simply fall in love to.

Listen to “The Butter Love Mixtape” right here:

“The Butter Love Mixtape” was released today via Big Beat Records and is now available to purchase and stream on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice!

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