Tom Hardy Debuts New ‘Venom’ Trailer at CinemaCon

Sony has released the full trailer for Venom and Venom himself is actually in it, this time. Tom Hardy debuted the footage at Cinema Con.

The first teaser kept things under wraps which some fans were disappointed with as we did not get to see Hardy’s character Eddie Brock turn into the alien symbiote. But now the new trailer has given us a glimpse of Brock becoming Venom thanks to Dr. Carlton Drake’s experiment (played by Riz Ahmed).

Hardy’s character is a reporter who tries to look into the experiments which he suspects are killing its test subjects before he accidentally comes into contact with the symbiote. Throughout the trailer we see Brock struggling with his new powers and transforming into his new body.

Watch the new trailer below:


At CinemaCon, the trailer was well received on its opening night and Hardy has said he is excited that his son will be able to see Venom. “Being part of this movie is a dream come true,” Hardy said. “He’s one of my favourite characters as well.”

Venom comes to cinemas 5 October 2018. Are you excited for it? Let us know @CelebMix!

Written by Laura

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