VIKINGS Releases Stylish “Tanlines / Swimming At Night”

Winnipeg-based indie-pop/electronic outfit VIKINGS recently dropped their double single, “Tanlines / Swimming At Night,” which also features a radio edit of “Swimming At Night” and a remix of “Tanlines” from ASH HALO. “Tanlines” is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming album.

VIKINGS explains, “After a 3-year hiatus VIKINGS spent the majority of 2020 in a lockdown studio session where we truly found our new sound. ‘Tanlines’ is the leadoff single from our latest record with many more releases to come over the next few months. Inspired by adventure and love the track was created in a maze of experimentation.”

They go on to add, “With great excitement the recently reformed VIKINGS announce the release of their double single ‘Tanlines’ and ‘Swimming at Night,’ the forthcoming songs embody two very different vibes while still maintaining the sound that is VIKINGS. ‘Tanlines’’ lyrics and style portray a love story that is led by driving guitars and catchy hooks. ‘Swimming at Night’ provides a journey into a sexy upbeat chorus that demands body movement.”

Made up of Dave McNabb (synths, drum programming), James McNabb (synths, samples), and Josh Youngson (keys, vocals, guitar), VIKINGS sync placements include in-store play at The Bay and Forever 21.

“Tanlines” opens on pulsing synths riding a thumping syncopated rhythm topped by Youngson’s delicious falsetto, imbuing the lyrics with warm, sensuous textures. Percolating leitmotifs invest the harmonics with scrummy pop flavors.

Whereas “Swimming At Night” rolls out on dark layers of chugging synths, infusing the tune with hints of new wave élan, along with dance dynamism. The feel and flow of the music, at once compelling and mysterious, lace the tune with palpable sonic flair.

Stylish and popping with heady dance washes atop a thrumming rhythm, the ASH HALO remix showcases a fat bassline and a potent, pushing rhythm.

“Tanlines / Swimming At Night,” while totally different from each other, both display the balance and creativity of the VIKINGS.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.