Vincent Littlehat Challenges Digitalization on New Vocal Single and Music Video ‘Who Are You’

Polish born, Berlin-based musician, performer, writer and model Vincent Littlehat shared a brand new single titled “Who Are You.” The new track is a follow up to her critically acclaimed single “Head of Knights.” The drop of “Who Are You” is accompanied by a release of a stunning animation for the song. The video was created alongside 3D animator Emil Kara? and Art Director Mehran Djojan, explores the notion of dreams being realized in real life (IRL) and finding fresh perspectives on circumstances.

With limitless creativity and a talent to whisk together various genres to form an all-time hit, Vincent Littlehat is surely an artist to follow. Delivering a hint of pop and a novel method to music, the singer-songwriter is exploring new grounds with her impeccable sound.

Vincent Littlehat’s perfectly delivered vocals and interesting soundscapes are on show as she sings through unique tunes. The track unleashes her incredible poetry and soothing vibes, while featuring her inspiring electro-R&B vibes.

Speaking about the concept behind new single, Vincent comments: “‘Who Are You’ is a commentary on how digitalization is grabbing our attention and gradually absorbing our real lives. Costly side effects are often hiding positive benefits. This begs questioning.  How does one balance this transition, exist in a duality, instead of trading a big amount of one’s In Real Life experiences for simulacra? To what extent is trading physical alienation for limitless online connectivity worth it?”

With the release of “Who Are You,” Vincent Littlehat proved her strong potential and ability to create ethereal music that shares universal feelings, truths, and an inspiring vision of life and art.

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Written by Magdalena

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