The Walking Dead is back this October

Finally after way too long, The Walking Dead returns to our screens in October (11th USA / 12th UK) WHO’S EXCITED? If you’re not excited then you should be!

The best Zombie apocalypse programme returns. (I love zombies and I watch all zombie movies/programmes and The Walking Dead is by far the best).

From Season 1 episode 1 it has had it’s audience hooked; questioning ourselves and others on what will happen next. Every single actor/actress past and present has fit their role perfectly right until the end.

We watch Rick travel through this apocalypse, going through experiences that have pushed and pulled him and although he loses his footing a few times (who wouldn’t ?), he’s still here protecting his people. His son Carl has grown in front of our eyes – from a young boy clinging to his mom to clearing abandoned buildings by himself with a gun. There have been plenty of emotions (yes I have cried a few times…) from the very beginning and now with season 6 on the way, prepare for a whole lot more!

With more deaths resting on the groups’ shoulders than they’d like in most recent episodes; they are slowly falling apart. When danger strikes they all pull together but once it’s passed they are still there, trudging along in what I’m sure feels like 20 inches of mud. They still need to find a place to rest their heads at night and once their eyes are closed they see the faces of those they have loved and lost. The way the characters present their individual stories can warm the coldest of hearts.

However, aside from the horror and misery Rick and his group live through; there are moments of joy that you have to smile at. From simple things like if they’ve been on the road for a while in the burning sun and it starts to rain, to when the characters finally find a place to rest and for the next week leading up until the new episode, you can finally rest knowing they are safe for a bit. You take each episode as it comes.

Season 5 has seen some of the most gruesome episodes yet so if you don’t like blood, maybe this programme isn’t for you. Although, zombie guts spilling out are very exciting to watch… Or someone being eaten by a zombie. There is a whole bunch of zombie heads being squashed and limbs being chopped off – YAY! The Walking Dead has some of the best make up artists around.  Every scene, both human and zombie, are extremely life like or what it would be like if the dead came back to eat us. Humans spend up to 4 HOURS in the make up chair for a short clip… But they’ve been an extra on The Walking Dead so I guess that’s an achievement.

DO NOT get attached to characters because you will become a very emotional person. Waiting for them to get together or waiting for one to be ripped away from the other, you just cannot predict what is coming next. I am too far gone, (Richonne all the way!!) I love too many couples but if you’re a new watcher – keep it neutral!                                                                                                             But, that’s easier said than done – so good luck!

With the new trailer out for Season 6 it’s clear that there will be a lot more zombie guts and horror which is just what we love. So if you don’t already watch this programme, you should and if you do you have good taste in TV programmes! >> The Walking Dead is an 18 so please watch at your own risk if younger <<



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgX1geb4FlA]

Written by CelebMix