The Walking Dead Main Character Death?

WARNING: Spoilers! If you have not seen the new episode of The Walking Dead, do not read this, unless you don’t mind having it spoiled for you.

On Sunday, AMC aired a new episode of The Walking Dead, which a lot of people thought was the most intense episode yet; which says a lot! Being only the third episode in season six, it has resulted in a death none of us saw coming, the beloved Glenn Rhee.

Some of the audience believe that the creators and directors of The Walking Dead are just messing with us, and that Glenn is still alive. As crazy as it sounds, they have some good reasons. For one, when characters die they are placed in the Memoriam along with other dead characters; Glenn was not in the memoriam.

Another reason a lot of us believe he is still alive is because Nicholas, who shot himself, fell on top of Glenn, protecting him from the Walkers, at least for now. The scene where it looks like Glenn is being eaten could have been Nicholas. That being said, even if that wasn’t Glenn, a miracle would have to happen for him to get out of this messy situation.

A miracle, or a really clever plan. Glenn has gotten out of sticky situations before and he just might make it out of this one. Viewers have come up with theories of how he will escape. In season one of The Walking Dead, in the episode “Guts,”  Glenn and Rick covered themselves in Walker intestines and maneuvered through a whole herd of Walkers. Glenn could maybe, possibly do this. Or he could crawl into the dumpster.

Also, in the comics Glenn died from a villain bashing his head with a bat. In the show, they have hinted at the use of a baseball bat in Glenn’s death and we doubt they would change it in the show.

Although this seems promising, other viewers say that it in fact was Glenn being torn apart due to the color of the shirt. You could see the color of the shirt being ripped apart, and it did look like Glenn’s shirt.

Despite all these theories and rumors, we will always remember the pizza delivery boy that is Glenn Rhee, dead or alive.

Do you think he is alive, or do you think he perished in this huge herd of Walkers alongside of Nicholas? Comment down below or tweet us @CelebMix

Written by LaurenHauck