WATCH: BTS Plays With Dogs In Adorable New ‘Run’ Episode

BTS has uploaded the 23rd episode of “Run BTS!,” and it includes some special friends….dogs!

In the episode, the guys first get tested on their knowledge about dogs. Some questions asked were about how dogs can tell time, what happens when they get stressed, and which colors they are able to see. Trainers from the Korean Kennel Agility (KKA) organization then came out and introduced seven dogs: Poly, Adam, Miri, Nuri, Chopa, Demy and Bongbong.

Like all “Run BTS!” episodes, the guys compete for a prize, but this time, they each compete along with a canine partner. Jimin is partnered with Poly, Jin with Adam, Jungkook with Miri, J-Hope with Nuri, V with Chopa, Suga with Demy, and Rap Monster with Bongbong. The guys are then given time to bond with their partners, and let’s just say it’s the CUTEST thing we have ever seen.

The guys and their partners then compete in different events to see which of their dogs is the most obedient. Some of the tasks include staying still, coming over to their owner when called, walking beside their owner, and successfully entering their own dog house when asked. The teams with the most wins then move on to the agility event, which is a bit more advanced.

While BTS’s fan-favorite series “Run BTS!” is in its second season, the show first began in 2015. The reason why fans love it so much is because each episode is completely different than the previous one, so they never know what to expect. The previous episode (#22), involved the guys playing traditional Korean games to celebrate the Chuseok holiday.

Want to find out who won the agility event? You can watch the full episode on V LIVE. Also, if you would like to find out more information about the Korean Kennel Agility organization, you can visit its official website.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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