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ALBUM REVIEW: West Thebarton – Different Beings Being Different

Here at CelebMix, we love to share new music with you and bands we’ve discovered who you should definitely check out. West Thebarton are a seven-piece band from Adelaide who’ve just released their debut album entitled Different Beings Being Different. Released via Domestic La La this album is set to help them build their name in the UK ahead of appearances at Boardmasters and Reading and Leeds Festival this summer.

Released in 2017, opening track Moving Out sets the album pace with a rhythmic drumline getting beneath your skin immediately. There’s something strangely powerful within Reverend Ray’s repetitive “I’ve had enough, I fell in love, I’m moving out” line which is easy to imagine being chanted back at a live show. This strong, relatable start is matched with short but sweet Basics which feels like a musical punch in the face creating a mosh pit in your brain. Rough, rowdy and riotous is the best way to describe this guitar riff-packed track.

Latest single Stuck On You brings a melodic side to the album yet to be seen. Led by gritty, fast-paced vocals the musical undertone of the track is layered upon with the addition of one of the bands many guitarists. This is a huge advantage which West Thebarton have, thanks to their large member size it gives each a time to shine and to come together to create something vibrant. Gough and Bible Camp carry on the upbeat, punk rock tracks which we’ve become partial to. Lyrically Bible Camp provides some of our favourite moments of the release “I would paint the sky blue for you” might be a simple but very effective lyric. We love the heartfelt lyrics which when sung with a spoken style really do feel like a personal moment.

Reasons is a slow burner but feel more of a ‘classic’ old school styled track, fooling your brain with guitars playing off against each other between driving drum lines. Soon gaining momentum the track erupts into organised carnage, taking you on twist and turns where you’re just not sure which element of the track to listen to. Singing about relatable life experiences and feelings makes us instantly drawn to West Thebarton. It’s raw emotion, anger and that’s just something you can’t fake as Reverend Ray shows. Closing the track with repetition of the line “I’m better off dead” further reveals the hard hitting of feelings experienced when writing and also recording this track.

Anatomy is a storytelling moment, singing of losing pretty much everything from breaking your legs to your eyesight. Stuttering guitars make this feel like you’re building up to the accumulation of the story but in this case, this comes with a full pelt instrumental packed to the rafters with intricate, intriguing guitar lines. If you think you’ll be able to get this out your head once the track is over, we’re sorry to say you won’t.

Do You Believe and On The Hill compliment each other thanks to their different vocal power, Reverend Ray steals the show in this instance supported by rowdy guitars which would suit a small Camden venue causing chaos. On The Hill, although slower and a shorter track is a more melodic effort which becomes ingrained on your head thanks to the annoyingly repetitive “I’m alone” chant. If you like being unable to get a song out your head, try this for size. Ivan and Set It Straight have the potential to become instant fan favourites, the stadium-worthy tracks flaunt two of the biggest choruses on the release and help to round the album off on a resounding high. One thing which we love about these tracks is the varying tempo throughout supporting emotive lyrics and the musical rollercoaster you’re taken on.

West Thebarton have made a solid debut album with Different Beings Being Different, with an unforgettable album title and a unique musical direction it’s just what they need to make their mark.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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