What we’ve learnt about season 3 of iZombie at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is an event that has a lot of casts from various shows and films showing up. One of the many casts that showed up this year is the iZombie cast, and here’s everything we learnt about season 3 of iZombie while they were there.


At the end of the season, Natalie is taken away to have the cure tested on her but that’s the last we hear of her. While talking on the iZombie panel, Rob Thomas teases that in season 3 Major is on the hunt for Natalie and that he wants to figure the whole situation out. He also says that Major feels like he made a promise to her that he didn’t keep and he wants to fix that.


While talking on the iZombie panel, it is confirmed by the cast that Liv will eat the brain of a dominatrix in the third season.

When Rose was being interviewed by The Fandom, she spoke about how Fillmore-Graves coming into the picture is like the rug being pulled out from under Liv’s feet. This is because she thought she knew about how the zombie community worked. She knew the bad guys but now there’s this whole other thing being thrown into the mix.

Liv and Major

While talking to ShowbizJunkies, Rose teased that early on in the season, her and Major will eat the brain of a father and angsty teenage daughter. Liv having the brains from the father, and Major having the brains from the angsty teenage daughter.

With the whole situation of Major maybe needing to take the second cure which will get rid of his memories, Rob said that there’s a real sadness to it when he was being interviewed by SEAT42F. They’re realising that they may never know this version of each other again.

Peyton, Ravi, Blaine love triangle

While talking on the iZombie panel, Aly spoke about how this love triangle will continue to exist this season. She then talked about how thinks it puts Ravi in an interesting place because he’s now just truly finding out about Peyton and Blaine’s relationship. She adds that she thinks that will effect their relationship in the first few episodes of the season and there’ll be a tension there.

While talking to IGN, Aly said that she thinks the thing that Peyton likes most about Blaine is he’s not the typical type that she would go for. So in a weird way it attracts her to him more. She then goes on to say that Peyton knows there’s a part of him that’s good, there’s a tiny part of him that isn’t horrible or shady. When talking to Nerdophiles, Aly goes on to talk about Peyton’s relationship with Blaine, saying that he wouldn’t have been willing to risk his life for her if she didn’t mean something to him.

When being interviewed by SEAT42F, Rob went into the love triangle between them. He said that Ravi is pretty bummed that he sat in the car while Peyton got rescued by Blaine. Also, at the end of season 2 he found out about them and apparently he doesn’t process that information as well as he should have.


First things first as announced in the panel, Aly is now a series regular which means that there’ll be more Peyton! She’ll also be a part of the title sequence and get her own little character in it. While talking to Nerdophiles, Aly spoke about how she thinks we’ll see more of Peyton being able to take a case as a DA and help Liv, and also get information from Liv through her visions.


According to Rob while speaking on the panel, we’re going to meet the women from the CDC who fired Ravi, so a little bit of Ravi’s past is going to walk right into the morgue.


According to Diane while talking on the iZombie panel, we’re going to get some backstory on Clive this season. While talking to ShowBizJunkies, Diane revealed that early on in the season there’s an episode in which we have flashbacks related to Clive. We’ll get to see more of what Clive was like before we got to meet him on the show.

On the panel, Malcolm talked about how under no circumstances does he believe Clive would want to become a zombie. He then goes on to add that he believes that if he did turn into a zombie it would be to save someone else’s life, not to save his own.

While talking to IGN, Rob spoke about Clive and that they start the season right off with where his mind’s at. At one point Clive apparently jokes that he may not need to be in on the secrets and that he is struggling with it. He also finds out about the zombie army preparing and as a human he questions if he should tell someone. Apparently that struggle carries on for Clive throughout the season.

Clive and Liv

While talking to IGN, Malcom talked about how with Season 3 there’s no longer any secrets between Clive and Liv as he now knows that she’s a zombie. Malcom spoke about how he thinks that Clive will find his own way to maximise the abilities she gets from eating the brains.

Blaine’s dad (Angus)

While talking on the iZombie panel, Rob said that we will see Angus again. He then adds that we see him in the first episode as we see him frozen a basement. Apparently they have some fun plans for him this season.


While talking on the panel, Rob talked about how in Season 3 Blaine is going to try and put his memories together and you’ll get more of his past. While talking to SEAT42F, David talked about how the memory loss is continuing into season 3 so you don’t know if he’s faking or not.

Rob teased in the process of talking to SEAT42F that Blaine sort of becomes part of the group. Apparently he does a couple of a heroic things that endears him into the group. According to Rob, that will get played out in an interesting way.


While talking on the iZombie panel, Rob/Diane talk about how Vivian is going to be a mentor to Liv. Later on in the panel, Rob spoke about how Liv tells the rest of the gang that they’re going to be the ‘no secrets club’. This means she tells the others about what Vivian has said to her, and they immediately decide to find out what Vivian means about that. This apparently happens right away.


In the interview with IGN, Rob teased us about Major this season. What Major is going to discover in the wake of all this chaos is that he walks around Seatlle and people recognise him. Even though the chaos killer victims do emerge, people still suspect that he had something to do with it. This means that even though he believes everything he’s done is heroic and for the right reasons, the public see him as doing quite the opposite.

According to Rob while talking to SEAT42F, Major is going to keep getting sicker and sicker and that he knows his days are numbered. He also knows that he’s going to have to take this cure that will erase his memory like Blaine’s was erased.

The season as a whole

While talking to IGN, Rob Thomas talked about how this season will be different to previous seasons. It’ll be different because we’re not quite sure what to make of Vivian. Liv meets a group of zombies that are arming and training themselves for the day that humans find out that they exist. He goes on to say that at some point Liv is going to have to ask herself, which side am I on? He goes on to say that part of season 3 is about Liv figuring out how much to trust people at Fillmore-Graves. When he spoke to SEAT42F, Rob expanded on her picking a side because it’ll mean that she’s picking between humans and zombies.

While talking to IGN, Aly, Rahul and David confirmed that the season’s start will be set minutes after the previous season’s end.


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