What we’ve learnt about Season 6 of Teen Wolf at SDCC

San Diego Comic-Con took place between the 21st and 24th of June, which means new information about all your favourite shows and movies who have casts there. One of the many shows to have a cast there is Teen Wolf, and this is what we have found out about Season 6 during the entirety of Comic-Con.

This will be the final season

Heartbreakingly, Jeff Davis announced at the panel that Season 6 will be the final season of Teen Wolf. The season 6 finale will be the 100th episode and therefore to Jeff a good place to end the show. However, on a slightly happier note, the show making it to 100 episodes means that the season will be a longer one with 20 episodes rather than its usual 12 episode seasons.

Peter is back!

If you couldn’t tell by the Season 6 trailer, Peter is back! At the panel, Jeff also confirmed that he will definitely be back causing family issues with Malia. After gate crashing the panel, Ian Bohen talks about Peter’s character saying that he’s going to seem to be the same Peter as before. This is in the sense that the way he acts will seem normal and make sense but at the same time it won’t because what he’s doing doesn’t make sense. Jeff also said at the panel that with Season 6 we can expect some more Peter and Scott scenes again (let’s not forget who bit him to begin with).

The key theme for Season Six

While talking to Marvel Entertainment, Jeff Davis hinted that this season will be all about memory and about a ‘ghost story’ as they call it. The theme of memory can also be seen and teased in this season’s trailer that MTV released. While talking to SEAT42F Jeff expands on the theme being memory by saying it’ll be about the connections between people, friendships and human anchors.

The villain of the season

The villains for the season are called Ghost Riders, Jeff explained to Marvel Entertainment. They are from the Wild Hunt which is a Norse Myth of Woden’s Hunt. This links with other villains seen on Teen Wolf as they also tend to be based off mythological characters. When talking to CleverTV, Tyler Posey explains that the Wild Hunt is a supernatural storm that comes to Beacon Hills because of everything that’s happening there. This storm is then full of the Ghost Riders. Posey then goes on to say that what makes these villains different is that they don’t have an agenda, they’re just doing things without a thought as it’s just who they are. He compares them to mindless zombies.

While talking at the panel, Tyler Posey told us that Ghost Riders not only take people, but they also take the memory of them. At the panel, Jeff said that the folklore about that is that when they pass through your town, if you’re unfortunate enough to see them or glance up at them, they take you with them. However what makes this different is that they get stuck at Beacon Hills. As a viewer, you’ll get to see the mystery developing throughout the season.

Tyler Posey explained that Scott’s approach to the Ghost Riders will be similar to any other villain while talking to The Fandom. He said that Scott will try to figure them out and then how to kill them. Posey also said that his interaction with them will depend on how they approach him and that Scott will try to defeat them.

While talking to The Fandom, Jeff Davis said that they tie the Ghost Riders into the real world situation of mass disappearances. He also said that you’ll see how it affects things in a global way. While talking to them he also hinted that the Beacon Hills kids will venture well outside Beacon Hills in this season.

Surprise returns

While talking to TVLine, Jeff Davis told them that he always likes surprise returns and that he has two people on his wish list that he hopes can come back. However, due to something between networks and agents it can’t always happen like he’s wanted in the past, but if Jeff gets his way we may just get two surprise returns in season six.

Scott is single!

Due to Kira sadly not coming back, this will be the first time that Scott will be single and not either dating or liking a girl. While talking to TVLine, Tyler Posey revealed that he’s glad that Scott is going to be single and is something that he believes is necessary for Scott to go through. While talking to Whedonopolis, Posey also revealed that because he’s single it means he can focus on himself and the pack more. It also means that he can focus on making sure that Beacon Hills will survive without him if he ever has to leave.

When talking to TV Equals, Posey revealed that they go all of season 6a without exploring Scott having another love interest. He also said that they wanted him to take a back seat in the world of relationships and focus on himself.


Stiles’ real name

In season 5 we found out that Stiles’ name begins with an M by his library card which is seen during a scene. While talking to TVLine, Jeff Davis confirmed that we will finally find out Stiles’ real name. According to Jeff, Stiles’ real name is an important plot point of the season.


According to Cody Christian while talking to TVLine, there’ll be a lot to explore in regards to Theo in Season 6. He’ll apparently go down a path of redemption and that he’s also at a point of rock bottom. They’ll be a whole new side to the character to be seen in the new season. On their panel, Cody also said that Theo really will be a changed man and that they’ll explore what happens to him.

When talking to Access Hollywood, Tyler Posey said that Scott is no longer threatened by Theo as he sees him as more of an annoyance than anything. That being said, Scott also wants to keep Theo around just in case he needs him for anything.

While talking to ShowBiz Junkies, Cody Christian explains that Theo must be back for a reason and that there’s a need for him. However, he does also think there’s a question about how badly do they need Theo especially with his past. He also said that if they’re going to ask him for help, the situation will have to be a dire one and this is exactly what Cody sees Season 6 to be. He also said that in the season, they’re exploring the dynamic of his character as being dragged to hell and enduring what he endured (which according to Cody is brutal) will have changed him. While talking to TV Equals, Cody said that we will get a glimpse of what Theo went through in Hell and that it’s terrifying.

While talking to The Fandom, Jeff Davis also said that Theo will be dug up which can be seen in the series trailer.

The Nazi werewolf

In the trailer for Season 6, the Dread Doctors are featured which Jeff revealed in the panel to be a flashback in relation to the Nazi Werewolf. In this season, Jeff teased that it will reveal how he was put in that glass capsule. The werewolf will be an alpha and can also be seen in the trailer. He will also be played by Pete Ploszek who is known for his role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Nazi werewolf will also be a bad guy according to Jeff. While talking to The Fandom, Jeff Davis also revealed that we will get to see the moment that the Nazi Werewolf broke out of the glass capsule.


At the panel Holland Roden was asked about Lydia and she revealed that with the different time periods being shown in the season, one will be about the Irish folklore of Banshees as a whole. This will also be related to solving the mystery taking place in season 6. According to Holland while talking to TV Equals, this episode will either be 6×06 or 6×08 and is one her favourite episodes.


According to Jeff talking on the panel, this season will memorialise a lot of the relationships on the show in a really nice way. He believes the writers and the producers have done a great job at bringing the relationships together and extending that even further. You’ll also see some relationships grow on the show too this season.

One of the many relationships on the show is one between Malia and Theo. While talking to YHollywood, Jeff Davis said that Malia does not trust Theo at all. While Cody was talking to ShowBizJunkies he mentioned that Theo mending relationships will be what keeps him alive, especially with everything going on. Although he wouldn’t say who, one of the people he does find an ally with is an interesting one, that isn’t Scott. He did, however, say when talking to TV Equals that he thinks Theo trying to repair his relationship with Scott will be the most difficult one because of everything he’s done to Scott and his pack.

Layden (Liam and Hayden)

While talking to ShowbizJunkies Dylan Sprayberry talks about Liam and Hayden’s relationship and says that the season will start a bit further on from where it left off. In that time, Liam and Hayden have grown up a bit. For example, he says that they’ve gotten better control of their emotions and they know how to be in a relationship. This means they have both matured individually and as a couple.


While at the panel, Khylin talked about the whole ‘being a beast’ situation being a traumatic experience for him and that the supernatural world is an extremely dangerous world, as fascinating as it is. Khylin said that he believes that Mason will use his fascination with the supernatural world to be an asset to Scott and the rest of the pack. While talking to TV Equals, Khylin said that Mason will go to great lengths to try and find solutions, and he won’t rest and stay up until he can try and find them. He also said that he will be helping to come up with plans and things to help.

Chris Argent

JR Bourne told us at the panel that Argent will tie in with everything and is there with Scott offering support. He will also show up and do what his leader wants him to do (Scott).

Stydia (Stiles and Lydia)

While talking to Whedonopolis, Holland said that due to the fact that Scott is now single the focus relationship is changing from Scott and Kira to Stiles and Lydia. She then said that she thinks that Stydia fans will be pleased. While talking to Whendonopolis, Jeff Davis also teased that the first episode of season 6 shows whether the relationship is going one way or another. According to Jeff, they’ll also be a bit of a twist to it too.

While talking to YHollywood Holland Roden says that Season 6 will explore the relationship between the two of them. She also said that they (Jeff and co.) do it in a very interesting way. Jeff said that they didn’t want to go down a path of Stydia in a way that the audience would expect. He also said that season 6 will definitively answer a few things about it.

Liam and Mason

Khylin Rhambo spoke about their friendship to TV Equals, saying that they’ve become more than best friends because now they’re part of a pack together. It’s like a higher level of brotherhood. He then adds that they’re surviving together and that Mason also wants Liam to become the best he can be.

Corey and Mason

While talking to TV Equals, Kyhlin explained the relationship isn’t as fairytale as he’d like it to be because of all the danger. However, at the same time they’re using their relationship together to want to keep each other safe. There’s not only a romantic side to their relationship but there’s a side where they need each other physically because Corey can protect Mason. Apparently they’ll be a lot of dynamics to that relationship.

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