Why body shaming Cheryl needs to end

 Quite a controversy has sparked up over the past few months regarding Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s weight, consisting of the public, the media and fellow celebrities body shaming her, claiming she is “too thin” and some other choice words that are simply to vile and disgusting to repeat here but since when was it ever deemed okay to body shame someone?

Cheryl’s weight, size and body size is nobody else’s business but Cheryl’s so who gave these people permission to criticise her for how she looks? If it was somebody you knew, a friend, a relative, would you shame them on how they looked? Would you publically shame someone you saw on the street because of how they look? Probably not. You should have the same perspective for a celebrity or somebody in the public eye because at the end of the day, they’re still people, like you and like me, they still have feelings and things still hurt

It isn’t okay to call someone “too fat” so why is it suddenly okay to call someone “too thin”? Both statements can do damage, mentally, emotionally and physically not only to those it is directed at but those who see and read it.

Everybody comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, heights, weights, hair colours, skin colours and eye colours, we are all individuals and we are all contrastive, don’t insult and shame somebody on how they look, instead help them embrace how they look, show them they are beautiful.

Body shaming is such a serious issue that needs to be addressed and awareness needs to be raised because eating disorders and mental health disorders are real things happening to so many people.

So instead of highlighting insecurities, pointing out blemishes and faults,  promote acceptance of who they are, help them embrace how they look, show them that they’re a beautiful individual – Empower them, don’t reject them.

Written by CelebMix