Why Fans Love Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco is an alternative band, led by frontman and vocalist Brendon Urie. They’ve had a long history since their debut in 2005 with the hit single I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Since then, their musical style has evolved over the course of five albums, mainly covering the genres of rock, pop, and punk. They also cover diverse topics in their music- addressing everything from bisexuality to Los Angeles culture to their relationship with religion. The band is well known for their music videos featuring absurd yet extremely well-executed concepts- like Brendon literally transforming into a demon!

It’s not only their music that has evolved, but the band itself has as well. It all began with Brendon and three of his childhood friends, Brent Wilson, Ryan Ross and Spencer Smith. Since then, various members have joined and left the band, eventually leaving Brendon as the only official member. He is now joined by additional members on guitar, bass, and drums while on tour. Even with all of these changes to their music and lineup, Panic! has kept their large fanbase engaged and always eager for more music. In fact, part of the appeal seems to be that you never quite know what’s coming.

Panic! At The Disco fans are a kind and accepting community. Many have a similar taste in music, so they like the same bands and mix in with other communities of fans. They also just have a lot of fun. They make jokes about almost everything- from the size of Brendon’s forehead to the fact that there’s only one official member of the band. It’s one of the best online communities to make new friends and talk about your love for Panic! and other bands with similar styles, most notably Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots, and My Chemical Romance.

Panic! is set to tour America this spring to promote their latest album, Death of a Bachelor, which was just nominated for Best Rock album at the Grammy Awards. It’s possible that we could see new music from them later this year after the tour is finished.

There are so many reasons to love Panic!, but we’ve gone on long enough! We spoke to several Panic! At The Disco fans via Twitter to find out why they love the band. Here’s what they had to say:

Vanessa – 21 – California, USA (@outerspacepink)

“I love this band because their music can change anyone’s mood from a bad one to a good one. Panic’s music has always been there for me to make me feel better. Whenever I want to be motivated, Panic has that fast beat music that gets me going. Not only that but the lead singer, Brendon, has been a very important inspiration in my life. Who doesn’t love a band who’s singer is incredibly kind, generous, and loves their fans? Through his actions he’s taught me to be who I truly am and not care what others think of me. I’ve met so many amazing people in my life through our love and dedication for the band and I have travelled across the U.S seeing Panic! I hope to keep seeing them for many more years.”

Liona – 14 – New York, USA (@liona_kuka)

“I was shown Panic! two years ago by my cousin. He had shown me ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies‘. I fell in love instantly. Their music, the style of it was amazing. I researched them, learning everything. I listen to them every day, they make me happy and joyful. I made friends through them. I have discovered other bands because of them. I cry when I see them on TV. I cried even more when they were nominated for a Grammy. They make me happy when I feel sad.”

Jei – 16 – Puerto Rico (@wethervanes)

“I love Panic! because they are true, pure, and unique. I love them because they are devoted. Because they care about what we feel with their music, with the lengths we’re willing to go to just for them. Because they are simply phenomenal individually. Because they saved my life and helped me branch out of the generics the mainstream holds these days. I love Panic! At The Disco because they inspire, they inspired my album. And they care if im hydrated and fed, and honestly, you’re a beautiful person if you care that much. Love you Panic!”

Chelsea – 16 – New York, USA (@PanicAtThePilot)

“I love Panic! because they’re very unique. Every album they have is so different from the others that we can’t even guess how the next album will be. It will just be an amazing surprise. I love how Brendon is so dedicated to his music and lyrics, and I can tell he is very passionate about it. Panic! At The Disco makes me very happy.”

 Zeynep – 17 – Istanbul, Turkey (@urievapors)

” I love Panic! At The Disco because their music is really different and beautiful. The lyrics are so meaningful and strong. They write about important issues as well. Have you ever seen how amazing their live performances are? Brendon is so energetic and very nice to us. He inspires a lot of people and his smile brights up our world. I hope they will always be this happy and amazing because the whole band is so talented and they deserve the whole world.”

Gianna – 14 – New Jersey, USA (@urieshyy)

“I love P!ATD because they changed my life in all ways I could imagine. Brendon is the greatest singer of this generation, he really deserved that Grammy for Death of a Bachelor. All of his albums including DOAB are life changing and art. I’m seeing them March 2nd at Madison Square Gardens and I’m so excited!! This will be my first P!ATD concert!! Thank you Brendon for making me a better person and for being a great person overall..thank you!”

April – 25 – Manila, Philippines (@AprilDeGuzman)

 “I love Panic! because they are just so passionate and it shows in their music/craft. Brendon is a ball of energy and you just can see that he’s doing the thing that he loves the most and that’s quite inspiring. I did get to see them perform just last year when they came to Singapore and I happened to be there.”

Jenna – 17 – California, USA (@jennahbz)

“When I first started listening to Panic! At The Disco, I never realized how much my life would be influenced by them. I found them during a difficult time for me and latched on, constantly walking around with my headphones in to distract myself with Panic!. I’ve really grown to appreciate the diversity in sound and style with each album change because the music never gets old. The thing I love most about Panic! is Brendon by far. I’ve never so closely related to another person. I hear him talk about himself and his life on Periscope and in interviews and I just constantly feel like “wow, I’m like that too!” I find solace in the fact that someone so successful is so much like me. I’m so proud of how far he’s come and how he’s carried on with the band and is the reason it’s reached new heights. He’s my biggest inspiration and he’s the driving force behind my passion for art, music, wanting to things I love and above all, standing up for what I believe in. I am who I am today because of him and his band and I’m friends with so many people because of him. I’m endlessly thankful for that. I can imagine I’d be much more troubled had I never found Panic!.”

And that’s why fans love Panic! At the Disco! Thank you to all of the wonderful fans who contributed to this article. And of course, thank you to Panic! for inspiring so many people across the world through your music.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.