Having Trouble With the Wording for Wedding Thank You Cards?

The big day is over and you can finally call yourself a married man or woman. But now that the stress of wedding and reception planning is over, it’s time to send out your thank you cards. This might be more stressful than planning the wedding itself.

You may be stuck feeling like you’re not sure exactly what to say on the cards. If you’re feeling this way, know you’re not alone. Many newlyweds struggle with their wording for wedding thank you cards. 

Luckily, we’re here to give you the guidance you need. Continue reading below for 4 tips on how to make sure your wording is perfect!

Always Include Details

When writing out your thank you cards, always be sure to include details in them. Write out the individual’s name and thank them specifically for the gift they gave you. If they gave you cash, you don’t have to thank them for a specific amount, but you can let them know that you’re excited to make a certain purchase with the cash or such.

Letting them know that you remember what they gave means a lot. You can also include other details such as a fun memory with them at the wedding or reception. Doing so shows them that their presence there meant a lot to you. 

Don’t Write Too Much

Don’t feel obligated to write an entire paragraph on the thank you card. Remember, it’s just a simple thank you note. Greet them on the note by their name and write only a couple of sentences thanking them for being a part of their wedding. 

They’ll be happy to receive your note and probably won’t want to read a long explanation anyways. Short and simple is the way to go! There are thank you cards for free online that’ll help you get started!

You Don’t Have to Give Thanks for a Gift

If someone who attended your wedding didn’t bring a gift, you can still send them a thank you card. Not everyone is able to make a purchase or give cash. For those that don’t bring a gift, send them a thank you note for attending your wedding. 

Let them know that you’re happy that they were able to make it and share this special moment with you. For example, “thank you for being a part of our special day.’

Include Those Who Were Missed

Don’t forget to include those who were missed on your thank you card list. Okay, so you’re not going to thank them for being a part of your wedding since they weren’t able to make it, but you can thank them for the gift they sent. You can also send a sweet note to them letting them know that you’re sorry they couldn’t make it. 

Tell them that you’re sorry they couldn’t make it to the wedding and that you missed them. For example, “we’re sorry you couldn’t make it to experience this special day with us. You were missed greatly.” 

What’s Your Wording for Wedding Thank You Cards?

What wording for wedding thank you cards will you use? We hope that this guide helps you when filling out your cards. Remember to use details, give thanks for specific items, keep it short and simple, and thank them for simply being there.

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Written by Monella