X Factor 2016 Judges Houses Contestants Revealed

Following the X Factor 2016 auditions and bootcamp, this weekend we saw the judges’ favourite acts at the 6 Chair Challenge. Each judge has a category. This year: Simon has the girls, Nicole has the boys, Sharon has the Over 25s and Louis has the groups. Every contestant who made it to this point performed to the judges and 5,000 people at Wembley Arena. That category’s mentor then had to decide whether they deserve a seat to Judges’ Houses or whether they go home.

However, when all the seats are full but there are more people to perform, the respective judges had to swap the people they thought were less worthy of a place at Judges’ Houses with those they considered more worthy.

Last night, we watched as Simon’s girls took to the Wembley stage to win a seat to Judges Houses. After many performances, tears, tension and drama, Simon chose his 6 girls to take to the next stage.

X Factor Final 24 Contestants Revealed 1

The final 6 girls, pictured above from left to right, are Sohelia Clifford, Olivia Garcia, Caitlyn Vanbeck, Gifty Louise, Kayleigh Marie Morgan and Emily Middlemass.

Also shown on X Factor last night was Nicole and the boys category’s 6 Chair Challenge. Again, there was a lot of drama with several boys asked to perform another song, swaps and a sing off. Eventually, Nicole settled on the boys she wants to take to the next stage.

X Factor 2016 Final 24 Contestants Revealed 1

Nicole’s final 6 boys, pictured above left to right, are Christian Burrows, Matt Terry, Freddy Parker, James Hughes, Niall Sexton and Nate Simpson.

Tonight we saw Louis’ groups and Sharon’s Overs face the dreaded 6 Chairs.

First up was Sharon and the overs but the 6 chair challenge never comes without tension. Those who were favourites from auditions didn’t impress Sharon or the 5,000 people in Wembley, and therefore were sent home. 

X Factor 2016 Final 24 Contestants Revealed 3

As a result, Sharon’s final six are, pictured above from left to right, Janet Grogan, Ivy Grace Paredes, Samantha Atkinson, Christopher Peyton, Relley C and James Wilson.

Finally, Louis’ groups took the stage. However, with Louis giving the first six acts all a seat, he was left in a difficult situation. Nevertheless, after lots of swaps and rearrangements, the final six were chosen. 

X Factor 2016 Final 24 Contestants Revealed 4

Louis’ final six groups, pictured above from left to right, are The Brooks, Skarlet, Ottavio and Bradley, Four Of Diamonds, 5am and Tom and Laura.

However, the ones who made it through the 6 Chair Challenge are not the only ones going to Judges Houses. Exclusively revealed on Xtra Factor Live, it was announced that there would be 4 wildcards: one from each category.

They are Samantha Lavery for the girls, Ryan Lawrie for boys, Saara Alto for the overs and Yes Lad for the groups.

Wildcards For X Factor 2016 Announced 4 Wildcards For X Factor 2016 Announced 5 Wildcards For X Factor 2016 Announced 3

**STRICTLY NO WEB UNTIL 00:01 BST SATURDAY AUGUST 27TH 2016** X-Factor judges and contestants are seen during the first show of the 2016 series due to air on Saturday August 27th. Pictured is Yes Lad.

However, this is a different wildcard concept to what X Factor has done before. Usually, the wildcard(s) are decided after Judges Houses and join the contestants at the Live Shows. This year, the wildcards have been chosen to join fellow constants at Judges House after going home at bootcamp.

Additionally, Xtra Factor also announced that Ivy Grace Paredes could not continue in the competition. Ivy wowed at the 6 Chair Challenge but had issues getting a visa so was forced to drop out of the competition. As a result, Sharon had to decide who to bring back to replace her. Therefore, Sharon picked Honey G to go to Judges Houses.

Wildcards For X Factor 2016 Announced 1

Although the 6 Chair Challenge is over, X Factor continues next Saturday with Judges Houses on ITV at 8pm.

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Written by CelebMix