Yesyes, a duo whose influence goes beyond Eurovision

Influence is not bound by a competition and no one proves it better than Yesyes. This year, the duo participated in the selection process “A Dal 2018” as contenders to represent Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The selection process was organized by local Media Services and Support Trust Fund (MTVA) and the Hungarian broadcaster Duna Media Service Provider.

As reported earlier, rock-metal band AWS won the selection process and will now be representing Hungary at Eurovision 2018. While Yesyes could not make it, the duo did end up winning our hearts. Their influence is evident from the fact that they topped popularity polls amongst audiences and were one of the top contenders for Eurovision. We need to keep in mind that the final decision in the selection process is based on the combination of votes received from both jury and televoters.

Comprised of two members, Ádám Szabó and Tamás Katona, Yesyes was formed in the year 2015. They started out as a trio before Tamás Vereb left the group to pursue his own endeavours.

Szabó is the lead vocalist and takes care of accordion while Katona creates an impact on the listeners with his drumming. While they have been wooing the audience with their songs including “Fireflies” and “Feel the Light”, the duo released their full EP “Cycle” only in 2017.

I Let You Run Away and A Dal 2018

For the contest, they released a single titled “I Let You Run Away”. Thematically, the song talked about heartbreak and musically, it offered listeners a chance to see the magic of accordion in a love song. Atypical of what is usually expected in such songs, Yesyes brought forth fresh sound by making use of instruments they are well known for.

Live Performance at A Dal 2018

Yesterday, the duo performed the single at “A Dal 2018”. Needless to say, the performance was both smooth and at the same time, electrifying. Szabó showed his dominance through his vocals but the highlight of the performance was his accordion play. Both Katona and Szabó created a moment on stage when it was their instruments that were talking to the audience and not their voices.

While they might not have won votes to make it to the semi-finals of the contest, their performance was definitely one of the highlights of the evening.

It received a highly positive response from the audience. If you are looking for some new artists to add to your playlist, Yesyes is definitely worth checking out.

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