YouTuber of The Week: Catrific

Another week has gone, which means it’s time for another YouTuber of the Week! Last week highlighted Sawyer Hartman, and previous weeks included Dan and Phil, Alx James, and Lilly Singh. This week’s YouTuber of the Week is Catrific, also known as Cat Valdes.

Catrific joined YouTube in 2008, and published mostly vlogs. Her first video (that’s available on YouTube), titled “Dance lezzons plz,” discusses how she just woke up from a nap, and that she desperately needs dance lessons. As she has grown, her videos have become more sophisticated, and some delve into deeper topics such as introversion and body image. She also does chatty story time videos and vlogs on her second channel MoreCatrific.

During the course of her YouTube journey, Cat has made lots of friends, including Joey Graceffa, Ingrid Nilsen, Dan and Phil, iJustine, and Arden Rose. She often collaborates with her friends, which is always a treat. In March, Cat, along with Ingrid, launched a podcast titled “Ladies Who Lunch.” This podcast discusses “sex, relationships, social phobias and more” with kindness and humor.

Why should you watch her videos?

Her videos are usually under the ten minute mark, and showcase her humor and understanding. They’re quite #relatable, and will make you laugh. From topics about how to get a boyfriend to what the superior Easter candy is, Cat’s videos are short and sweet. She also does many personality-related videos, as she is interested in psychology.

Below we’ve rounded up our Top 5 Catrific videos. Enjoy!

5. Back To School Anxiety

As July is quickly drawing to a close, this video is even more relevant. In a very helpful episode of Ask Cat, Cat gives advice on all things school-related, from how to stay organized to how to run faster in gym class.

4. AmazingCatisnotonfire 4 – Speech Jammer Challenge

Any collab video with Dan and Phil is wonderful, but this one is especially amusing. Seeing Cat, Dan, and Phil all act like drunk idiots while trying to sell their YouTube channels is pure gold, and you will be smiling and laughing the entire way through.

3. Dear Slut Shamers

Watching Cat take down all of the slut shamers in the video game community is incredibly empowering to watch. It’s great to see members of the YouTube community speak out about important issues that women face every day, and Cat does an amazing job of conveying her points.

2. Favorite British YouTubers

A vlog that she posted on her main channel, this video is more like the videos that Cat first started uploading. This particular one features Cat hanging out in London with a smattering of YouTubers, including Dan and Phil, Louise, Zoella, Arden, and Dodie. It’s a cute little video bound to make you smile. It also features two very snazzy elevators, which is always a plus.

1. Let’s Talk About Body Image

In another incredibly empowering video, Cat discusses the unrealistic body images that everyone is subject to. She touches on how your body does not define you, and that a person’s intelligence, kindness, and humor are much more important than the size of your thighs, or any other tangible measurement of your body.


If you want to see more of Catrific’s videos, be sure to subscribe to her channel. Let us know over on Twitter @CelebMix what your favorite Catrific videos are, and keep an eye out next Sunday for the next YouTuber of the Week!

Written by CelebMix