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YouTuber of the Week: Louise Pentland

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for us to award one lucky YouTuber the coveted title of CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week! Last week, it was Jack Maynard’s turn…now we’re passing the crown to the ever so wonderful Louise Pentland!

Who is Louise Pentland?

Louise Pentland is a British YouTuber and blogger, best known as SprinkleOfGlitter. Whilst she may not go by that moniker any more, it’s the name of her YouTube channel which is home to over two and a half million subscribers. Since joining the video platform in 2010, Louise has garnered almost 174 million views. She also has a second lifestyle channel called Sprinkle of Chatter.

Whilst Louise is best known for being a vlogger and blogger extraordinaire, she is also so much more than that. First off, she is a mother of one. Her daughter Darcy is a staple part of her videos, and we’ve had the opportunity to see elements of her growing up from the day she was born.

Louise is also an author – a Sunday Times number one best seller no less! Her debut book, Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter, was released in 2015. It was followed up with the Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary: Have The Best Year Of Your Life! She is set to release her debut novel, Wilde Like Me, in June.

As if that wasn’t enough, Louise has also released two clothing collections with fashion retailer Simply Be. She has also toured the country with her Louise Live show, and additionally she is a UN Global Ambassador for Gender Equality. Phew, we can’t keep up!

Why should you watch Louise’s videos?

If you love all things lifestyle, fashion and beauty, topped up with plenty of giggles, honesty and real life shenanigans, then Louise’s videos are for you.

From hauls to favourite products, a lot of Louise’s videos are fashion and beauty related. We love her sense of style, so her videos are forever giving us plenty of inspiration. She also uploads DIY tutorials, in which she shares loads of awesome craft ideas.

Louise has also collaborated with a number of YouTubers including Dan and Phil, Miranda Sings, Hannah Hart, Marcus Butler and of course, her chummy Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. Additionally, her daughter Darcy is also a big part of Louise’s videos. As we previously mentioned, we’ve watched her grow up over the years and she’s already a mini Louise, both cheeky and funny!

In recent months, Louise has brought a new sense of honesty to her channel, showing more of the ‘real her’. Late last year, she announced a slight change in her YouTube channel after deciding to ‘finish with Sprinkle of Glitter’. Whilst she wanted to keep some aspects of her channel, including hauls and collabs, she also felt that now was the time for her channel to be less sugary and more ‘adult’. As a woman in her 30s, she wants to be able to talk about dating, sex, politics, motherhood and more without people judging her. We completely support and applaud her decision – at the end of the day she is more than entitled to be herself on her own YouTube channel, surely!

Louise’s channel is full of fun yet honest videos and we’re happy to see her bringing more of her offline personality to our screens. She is down-to-earth and encourages her viewers to love themselves, which is one of our favourite things about her. Louise is also not afraid to share different aspects of her life, and brings positivity to her channel as well as awareness of a variety of other matters.

If we haven’t convinced you to watch her just yet, here’s five of Louise’s many must watch videos.

Five of Louise’s must watch videos

1. My First Time

Louise talks about various ‘firsts’ as requested by fans on her Facebook page. From her first kiss to her first big purchase, she pretty much covers it all in her usual hilarious and chatty manner!

2. Baby Glitter Does My Makeup

This is one of our favourite videos featuring Darcy, aka Baby Glitter. Louise lets Darcy loose with her make up collection, allowing her to give her Louise a princess make over! She is quite literally sprinkled with glitter, and the end result is hilarious.


3. Louise or Zoe??

In one of Louise and Zoe’s many collabs, they re-take the best friend test with a bit of a twist. Given a number of different scenarios, the two must decide who is most likely to do certain things including pee their pants laughing, or trip on a red carpet.

4. Plus Size Forever 21 Haul and Try On

We love this particular haul video, as Louise tries on numerous clothing from the plus size range at Forever 21. The video showcases some of the beautiful clothes that are on offer including dresses, jackets and sparkly shorts.


5. 10 Surprises About Me

’10 Surprises About Me’ was Louise’s first ‘open’ video after ‘quitting’ Sprinkle of Glitter. Speaking openly about things she might not normally do, Louise talks about lying about her age, her religion, her love of shots and so much more.


Congratulations to Louise Pentland who is our CelebMix YouTuber of the Week! Be sure to subscribe to her channel here, and also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Check back next week to see who’ll be crowned YouTuber of the Week.

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