YouTuber of the Week: Mikey Murphy

Welcome back to the next round of CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week! Last time, we featured Irish singer and songwriter Bry. Give a round of applause to this week’s feature, Mikey Murphy!

Who is Mikey Murphy?

18-year-old Mikey Murphy, who grew up in New Jersey and currently lives in Los Angeles, is a YouTuber and filmmaker. Mikey started his YouTube channel in March of 2013, since acquiring over 1.2 million subscribers and becoming nominated for an annual Shorty Award. His videos range mostly in content from vlogs, challenges, and even short films, such as his video “PERCEPTION”.

Mikey has also recently become involved in acting. One can catch him on the 12 Deadly Days series on YouTube Red, episodes of Awesomeness TV’s Royal Crush, and in Dirty 30 starring Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart.

Why should you watch his videos?

Mikey exemplifies what YouTube is all about: positivity, creativity, and worthwhile content made with hard work and enthusiasm. Mikey makes each video quite personal, as if he is really sitting right across from you and holding a conversation. He’s certainly a pro-editor when it comes to his videography; one can certainly appreciate the flawless transitions and way of filming. Mikey’s videos are a genuine documentation of his feelings and life in-the-now, which make it impossible not to love the content that he produces.

Everyone can find a video to love of Mikey’s, as his channel spans across many different types of video mediums. His cheery attitude and natural way of speaking to an audience draws viewers in –– you’ll certainly be hooked!

5 Must-Watch Videos of Mikey Murphy’s

1. “PERCEPTION” – (A Short Film Made in 48 Hours)

Without a doubt, Mikey’s talent in filmmaking shines through in this 15 minute video. We won’t spoil anything –– just watch it and enjoy.


A video in which Mikey conveys his current thoughts and wonders about his future wife, and introduces the important people in his life that she may come to love, too.


A mixture of a trailer, vlog, and short film all in one video!


The first of a one-of-a-kind series by Mikey! Some heart-warming, some cute, some surprising, some silly –– you’ll have fun watching it all the way through!

5. Today, My Best Friend Left…

An emotional video compiling the last few moments until Mikey’s best friend and fellow YouTuber, Luke Korns, moved to Peru.

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Written by Celine Low

Based in TX. Passionate about music, film, photography, & journalism.